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What You will Learn with a Degree in Sustainability

Core Sustainability Competencies

The knowledge, abilities and skills you will learn from your School of Sustainability degree include:

Analyzing how things relate to and affect one another in a holistic way

Systems Thinking

Example courses:

  • Energy Efficiency in Policy and Practice
  • Systems Thinking
  • Sustainable Ecosystems

Envisioning desirable and possible futures

Futures Thinking

Example courses:

  • Sustainable Urban Dynamics
  • Futures Thinking
  • Climate Science for Sustainability

Understanding how culture, tradition and values influence decisions

Values Thinking

Example courses:

  • Equity, Justice and Sustainability
  • International Development and Sustainability
  • Human Rights and Sustainability

Developing a strategy or plan to achieve a particular vision

Strategic Thinking

Example courses:

  • Organizations, Sustainability & Public Policy
  • Sustainable Development in Action
  • Sustainability and Enterprise

Working effectively with others to achieve a goal

Collaborative Competency

Example courses:

  • Innovation Space
  • Urban sustainability Best Practices
  • Professional Skills in Sustainability

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