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Undergraduate concurrent degrees

Formal concurrent degrees

The School of Sustainability has a formal agreement with the following bachelor’s degree programs. A formal agreement means that a major map exists which outlines the requirements for both programs and includes an agreement on which courses can be shared across the two degrees.

Bachelor of Arts in sustainability and Bachelor of Science in supply chain management

Concurrent BA in sustainability/BS in supply chain management Major Map

Students wishing to pursue this formal concurrent degree program must meet the admission requirements for the Bachelor of Science in supply chain management, which can be found on ASU’s Degree Search.

Other concurrent degree arrangements

Pursuing a concurrent degree in a program other than those the School has formal arrangements with is possible. Concurrent degrees must be approved by the academic units housing both degree programs. Students can explore other programs by using ASU’s Degree Search.

The School of Sustainability requires students to complete at least 30 credit hours and have a minimum ASU GPA of 3.0 prior to requesting concurrent degree approval; however, advising from the College of Global Futures undergraduate advisors and the other program is recommended as early as possible.

Schedule an appointment with a College of Global Futures undergraduate advisor to discuss declaring a concurrent degree in more detail.

Undergraduate minors and certificates

ASU offers a number of undergraduate minor and certificate programs. Students must be enrolled in a full bachelor degree program to pursue a minor, while certificates can be pursued by both degree-seeking and non-degree seeking students.

Students must meet any eligibility requirements and work with a certificate advisor to declare a certificate. Most minors can be declared in consultation with a student’s major advisor; however, some minors require meeting with the minor department advisor in order to declare. Minor and certificate options, as well as details on eligibility and how to declare, are available on ASU’s Degree Search.

The School of Sustainability offers two undergraduate certificates in energy and sustainability and sustainable food systems, and a minor in sustainability.

Students who wish to declare a sustainability minor must work with their major advisor to add the minor and receive advising. Students in the following degree programs may not pursue a minor in sustainability, because of the number of overlapping courses:

  • BS degree in sustainable food systems.
  • BA degree in the W. P. Carey School of Business with a concentration in sustainability.
  • BS degree in tourism and management with a concentration in sustainable tourism.
  • BSE degree in civil engineering with a concentration in sustainable engineering.
  • BS degree in public service and public policy with a concentration in sustainability.
  • BIS degree in interdisciplinary studies with a concentration in sustainability.