Student emergency fund

School of Sustainability Student Emergency Fund

The School of Sustainability has established the emergency fund for School of Sustainability degree-seeking students who need financial assistance in order to stay on track towards degree completion. These funds are for sustainability students who demonstrate academic ability and progress, but due to recent (last 60 days) unforeseen financial circumstances, find themselves in a situation where it is difficult to stay enrolled and pay their cost of attendance.


The funds assist students in meeting costs associated with tuition/fees, books, and living expenses. Award amounts may vary up to a maximum of $500, based on availability of funds as well as individual need. Additionally, awards are not guaranteed and are subject to individual need, documentation, and availability of funds.


In order to be eligible to apply for funds, students must:

  • Be enrolled in a School of Sustainability degree program.
  • Have an unforeseen circumstance that has prompted the request.
  • Demonstrate financial need.

Students also typically:

  • Have a cumulative ASU GPA of 2.0 or higher (if an undergraduate student) or have a documented academic warning or probation agreement in place.
  • Have a cumulative ASU GPA of 3.0 or higher (if a graduate student) or have a documented probation agreement in place.

Not all students who apply will receive funding.

Application and application deadline

Rolling deadline


Students should use the following application for consideration. The application packet should include:

  1. A complete application (answering all sections of the application).
  2. A current resume/CV detailing internships/work experience, student and professional organization involvement, leadership experiences, community service, and educational accomplishments.
  3. Documentation to substantiate the student’s current circumstance (such as employment dismissal notice, eviction notice, bankruptcy records, death certificate, financial documents, etc.). Students may be subject to further justification to support their application.

Applications will be confidentially reviewed by the Dean’s Office, who will make a final decision regarding whether or not to award and amount offered. Students will be notified of the decision by email and if awarded, the amount will be posted to a student’s ASU account.