Refugee Roots: A Short Documentary


Refugee Roots: A Short Documentary

In poetic fashion, three Arizona State University students – two PhD sustainability students and a multimedia undergrad – set out to explore the lives of refugee farmers in Phoenix, Arizona.

Camels Don't Fly, Deserts Don't Bloom

Camels Don’t Fly, Deserts Don’t Bloom

One hundred miles west of Phoenix, a Saudi-Arabian owned farming operation grows hay year-round in the desert. Why Arizona? And what does this mean for the future of water resources

Thicker than Water

Created by: kassy, Kristen Hwang, Jace Tibi.  

Water Rainglers

Catching Rain productions present “Water Rainglers” a short film by Ren Andres, Philemon Henry, and Thomas Hawthorne. In a state known for its arid climate and limited water supplies, a

Beyond The Grid

Solar power on the Navajo Nation. Update, Feb. 1, 2017: An earlier version of this video misstated the percentage of U.S. residents without power who live on the Navajo Nation.

400 Sq Ft of Hope

Made by: Tara Freude, Rebecca Gerigk, Eileen Hopkins, Hannah Trigg

Manzo Elementary’s school garden

Young students in west Tucson work together at Manzo Elementary’s school garden to plant and harvest vegetables sustainably for their community. Kristina Vicario


When people are released from prison, they often face challenges finding stable housing and employment… making reentry into society challenging. That’s why Hickman’s Family Farms, an egg farm near Phoenix,

Tiny Piece of Luxury

Highly valued yet underpaid, the Vail School District outside of Tucson has created a sustainable tiny home community to attract and retain teachers by combatting the issue of affordable housing

Fighting for a home

A story about how a veteran experiences homelessness, how he escapes the tough situation, and rebuild his life. Made by: Austin Hochberg, Chentao Cui, Christian Volp, Colin Dueker