Enlisting the Sun


Enlisting the Sun

Presented by: Amy Gleich

A Jar in the Desert

Made by: Jessie Davidson, Christopher Landram, Cataleya Supawit


Made by: Greg Harman, Kevin Ixtabalan, John Owen, Leo Reutter

Food Desert Deliverance

Made by: Mckenna Dalgarno, Sydney Frazier-Flores, Markus Lilje, Alfonso Lopez-Morales

Save Water Drink Beer

Made by: Charles Darr, Keegan Kelly, Sam Zah

Bike Saviours

Meet some of the people at Bike Saviours! Bike Saviours is a unique bike shop in Tempe, Arizona, located at 1930 S Roosevelt Street. Bike Saviours offers a sustainable alternative


On Sept. 6, 2018, the BLM sold extraction rights on parcels of land in northeastern Arizona. Communities in the Holbrook Basin have come together under the perceived threat of helium

Concrete Change

How thousands of tons of concrete changed the Colorado River forever, and a look forward at how the next generation can preserve one of the natural wonders of the world.

Sleeping Giant

A Sustainability Documentary Film by Taniyah Williamson, Steven Owens, and John Takamura

Foot in the Door

In February 2015, Arizona Utility Salt River Project (SRP) decided to implement rate plans for customers with rooftop solar installations that made photovoltaic systems uneconomical. ASU sustainability professor and environmentalist