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About the School

The School of Sustainability

Arizona State University’s School of Sustainability is the first comprehensive degree-granting program of its kind in the United States, with a focus on finding real-world solutions to environmental, economic, and social challenges.

Established in 2006, the School is part of the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability , which is the hub of ASU’s sustainability initiatives. The Institute advances research, education, and business practices for an urbanizing world. The School of Sustainability offers undergraduate and graduate programs and minors, as well as doctoral and professional leadership programs.

We are addressing some of the most critical challenges of our time, and the demand for our graduates is strong. The School’s course of study emphasizes experiential learning, research with faculty, corporate and K-12 work, community service, and leadership development.

The knowledge and solutions that are created today will shape our quality of life as well as future generations–we have an opportunity and an obligation to make our world more sustainable.

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The School of Sustainability is committed to transdisciplinarity. Transdisciplinarity creates synergies between multiple disciplines that leads to new insights and knowledge. It is more than just bringing disciplines together — the interaction of disciplines that creates something innovative is that hallmark of transdisciplinary success. Linking academics and with practitioners in the community who are implementing or looking for sustainability solutions is another important trait of transdisciplinarity. Our students are learning from professors, and also from the people on the front lines of sustainability challenges in cities, non-profits and local businesses who we partner with to both provide educational opportunities for our students and to provide sustainability thinking to these organizations.

Our enrollment is growing, as more and more students and employers are interested in sustainability. You can join us. Pursue a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree in sustainability or integrate your master’s degree with Peace Corps service overseas. A minor in sustainability and concentrations in sustainability are also available to undergraduate students across the university.

The School of Sustainability takes a transdisciplinary approach in its curriculum, addressing a broad spectrum of global challenges, including: energy, materials, and technology; water quality and scarcity; international development; ecosystems; social transformations; food and food systems; and policy and governance.

At ASU we are creating the New American University –a place where knowledge informs decision-making, research and study transcends academic disciplines, students learn from the world around them, and local solutions have global impact. Together we can rethink and reinvent the future of a world at risk.

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