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ASU's Sustainable Campus

ASU's Sustainable Campus

ASU's Sustainable Campus

Walking the talk

Arizona State University has made an institutional commitment to lead by example through the sustainable operations of its campuses. By demonstrating exemplary practices and sharing solutions, ASU stimulates changes in individual, institutional and corporate behaviors to create a more sustainable world.

Energy Conservation

ASU is committed to reducing its energy consumption, increasing efficiency, and minimizing harmful emissions related to energy consumption.

image of ASU wind turbine on the roof of Wrigely Hall

Renewable Energy

ASU has a comprehensive solar program that extends to all four campus locations and the ASU Research Park.

person installing solar panels

Zero Waste

Arizona State University is committed to achieving zero solid waste across all campus locations.

Signs for Garbage and Recycling and on ASU walkway


ASU is committed to offering alternative transportation options to reduce traffic congestion, air pollution, and personal automobile fuel and maintenance expenditures.

Tempe Light Rail passing by ASU

Food Services

ASU is committed to sustainability in its food services through waste reduction, pollution management, and energy and water efficiency.

ASU Dining Pavilion

Water Conservation

ASU is committed to reducing its indoor and outdoor water consumption through technology and refined practices.

picture of cactus in desert


ASU is committed to LEED Silver certification for all new construction of university-owned and operated buildings.

ASU Structure


ASU is committed to implementing new sustainable solutions and changing its traditional methods and equipment of grounds keeping.

Services and Maintenance

ASU is committed to using services and products that are more sustainable and reusing materials whenever possible.

Shelves of ASU maintenance supplies

Purchasing and Policy

ASU recognizes that promoting sustainability begins internally with its own business practices and university policy.

Person writing on financial document

Recognition and Awards

ASU recognizes small actions, major achievements, and eco-minded events and exhibits with a variety of sustainability awards.

Presidential Sustainability Award

Wrigley Hall

Wrigley Hall was completely renovated to integrate sustainability features that reduce consumption and enhance the quality of life. The building is headquarters for the School of Sustainability and the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability.

Wrigely Hall reception desk