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Finding a Sustainability Internship

Sustainability Internships

Internships are an important complement to a sustainability degree because they help students select appropriate green careers, provide opportunity for the practical application of classroom concepts and enhance employment prospects. They are especially important for students in the sustainability program in that they give insight into sustainability practices outside of the academic setting.

Finding a Sustainability Internship

Finding an internship requires preparation and commitment, so if you would like to complete one or are required to for your capstone, plan to begin your search 2-4 months in advance. The Internship & Experiential Education Specialist is available as a resource for you throughout the entire internship process.


How can I prepare for a sustainability internship search?

  1. Reflection: To help direct your internship search, reflect on what you hope to gain from an internship, what type of setting and experience you would like, and how much time you are able to commit. Meet with the Internship & Experiential Education Specialist early to explore the types of sustainability internships and green careers that exist so you know what your options are.
  2. Resume: A resume is a tool to tell a prospective employer or internship host about yourself and your interests. The resume you use to pursue a sustainability internship should emphasize experience relevant to the type of internship you seek. Whether you are interested in urban planning, green business or international development, make sure to list all course, class project, volunteer activity and employment history information. The School of Sustainability offers students help with resumes in one-on-one appointments and workshops. ASU’s Career Services also offers excellent resources for preparing a resume: See resume information online .
  3. Credit requirements: Internships relevant to sustainability may be eligible for undergraduate- or graduate-level credit. Learn how you can earn credit for an internship.

Where can I search for a sustainability internship?

  1. All internships that have been vetted and reviewed by the School of Sustainability are posted on SustainabilityConnect .
  2. Register for ASU’s Sun Devil Career Link . By completing this online registration, you can browse internship or job postings, upload your resume for employers to see and monitor opportunities as they are posted. Screen opportunities on Sun Devil Career Link carefully, and discuss them with the Internship & Experiential Education Specialist prior to accepting if you want to pursue them for credit.
  3. There are many other great resources (listed below) for sustainability-related internships and jobs on the local, national and international levels.
  4. Many students arrange internships independently. This may be achieved by contacting organizations where you have an interest in interning or through other connections. Before you contact a potential internship site, you should have a resume that clearly summarizes your experience. Also, read the Internship Handbook so you know what is required in order to earn credit for an internship and can explain this to a potential mentor. For more guidance on this approach, make an appointment with the Internship & Experiential Education Specialist.

Internship resources

Here are some additional resources to help you with your internship search. Remember, internships you find will still need to be approved for credit.

Where can I get advice for the next steps?

If you have questions about your resume, the internship search, a potential sustainability internship or another internship/experiential education topic, make an appointment with the Internship & Experiential Education Specialist using our online scheduling system .

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