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SOS Undergraduate Credit Overload Request

School of Sustainability students may submit this form to request to take credits beyond the normal limit allowed in a session or term.

You must have a legitimate academic reason for a credit overload and be able to describe in detail how you will meet the demands of a heightened workload. Overloads of 22+ credit hours are rarely approved. Session A and B courses are accelerated and will be factored accordingly in the decision.

Overload requests will be considered for students who meet the following criteria. Requests are reviewed on an individual basis, and approval is not guaranteed, even if you meet these requirements:

Fall and Spring individual session A or B Fall and Spring total combined sessions A, B, & C Summer individual session A or B Summer total combined sessions A, B, & C
Normal number of credits allowed: 9 18 7 14
3.0 cumulative GPA and one semester of 14 or more hours at ASU with a 3.0 semester GPA 10 19 N/A N/A
3.25 cumulative GPA and two semesters of 16-18 hours at ASU with a 3.25 semester GPA or one semester of 19 hours with a 3.5 semester GPA 11 20-21 8 15-17
3.5 cumulative GPA and one semester of 20 or more hours at ASU with a 3.5 semester GPA 12 22+ 9 18

The following rules also apply:

  • Students may not be repeating any course in which they received a grade of D or E in the overloaded semester.
  • Students requesting 22+ hours must also submit a curriculum plan mapping out an accurate pathway to graduation, including any declared minors, certificates, and/or concurrent degrees. Incomplete or incorrect curriculum plans will be returned to the student for correction.
  • Students in the hybrid year of a 4+1 program are not eligible for credit overloads.

* You must complete all fields below


List all the courses you will take in the term (total credit hours in this section must match the total number of credit hours you are requesting to take during the term)

Thoroughly explain why you need this overload and how you will manage this increase in workload. Address why it is not possible to wait until a future semester to take one or more of the requested courses.