Registration is closed.

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Registration is closed.

Join us for our next Sustainability Opportunity program, where you’ll earn your Professional Certificate in Sustainability Strategy. Reach out to our team to inquire about select discounts and promotions available.

Program registration fees

Standard rate (registration closes 9/18)$2,495
Glasgow Pact rate (expires 9/11)$2,395
Paris Agreement rate (expires 9/5)$2,295
Copenhagen Accord rate (expires 8/15)$2,195
Kyoto Protocol rate (expires 8/1)$2,095
Rio Summit rate (expires 6/1)$1,995
Brundtland Report rate (expires 4/1)$1,895

What is included

  • A Professional Certificate in Sustainability Strategy from ASU for completion of the course requirements.
  • Twenty hours over 6 weeks of applied virtual engagement and coaching with world-renowned sustainability faculty and industry experts.
  • A professional cohort of peers that will form the core of your new sustainability network.
  • A set of contemporary, hands-on sustainability tools and strategies that can be applied in your organization immediately upon your return to work to enable you to leverage the global sustainability opportunity.

Who should attend?

This seminar is designed for mid-career professionals representing a diversity of roles, ranks, company sizes and industries. This includes managers, directors, senior directors, vice presidents and senior vice presidents — all those with strategic oversight of sustainability, corporate social responsibility (CSR) or the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG), as well as operational managers who aspire to such a role. Although many of the examples used in the course will feature the private sector, professionals from the government, nonprofit and education sectors will be able to apply virtually all of the lessons from the course.


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