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Demographer at Crossroads of Climate and Growth

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April 30, 2008

Interdisciplinary focus help’s ASU’s Gober chart Phoenix’s future in uncertain times

Pat Gober, Director of the Decision Center for a Desert CityPatricia Gober understands better than most that major shifts, in a climate or a career, are periods rife with uncertainty. The professor and former chair of Arizona State University’s department of geography was at the top of her game as a demographer and urban geographer when, a decade ago, she struck out to explore new intellectual terrain.

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Students from Arizona State University Compete in Wal-Mart's "Better Living Business Plan Challenge"

Institute Press Releases

April 16, 2008

Winner of environmentally friendly innovations competition to receive $20,000

Press Release

Tempe, AZ - On Apr. 18, 2008, students from Arizona State University (ASU) will travel to the Wal-Mart Home Office in Bentonville, Ark. to compete in the “Better Living Business Plan Challenge.” The competition was created to provide students around the world an opportunity to invent sustainable products or business solutions and present them to a panel of Wal-Mart executives, government officials, suppliers and environmental organizations. In addition to gaining an audience with some of the top business and sustainability leaders in the US, the winning school will receive $20,000.

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School of Sustainability Featured on NBC Nightly News

ASU Sustainability News Video

March 28, 2008

NBC visited Arizona State University in February 2008 to explore in depth the nation's first School of Sustainability. Their report aired nationally March 24, 2008, on NBC Nightly News. Interviews with students, professors, and administrators shed light on challenges facing this generation of students, opportunities that await graduates, and how ASU's School of Sustainability prepares students for the future.

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> Watch NBC interview of President Michael Crow

Special on the Ramifications of the Urban Transformation

ASU Sustainability News School of Sustainability News

February 8, 2008

Science Magazine

"News articles offer an on-the-ground look at how cities are tackling specific problems from poverty and sanitation to traffic jams. Reviews and Perspectives examine how cities take shape and the impacts of urbanization on the environment, human health, economic growth, and the demographics of the developing world."

Be sure to check out the video presentation including GIOS researcher Nancy Grimm.

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ASU Event to Open up Climate Talks

ASU Sustainability News School of Sustainability News

January 28, 2008

Arizona Republic

From a young age, small environmental efforts like this were embedded in my thought process. I saw how being environmentally savvy was a social event because I got to do it with my favorite person; an environmental event because cans were not being put in the garbage; and an economic event, because I earned a small dividend! Although these realizations came much later, the founding principles were there.

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ASU to Join "Focus the Nation" Effort

ASU Sustainability News School of Sustainability News

January 28, 2008

Arizona Republic

To help create solutions to global warming, more than 1,200 colleges, universities and high schools in Arizona and across the United States this week will participate in Focus the Nation, a teach-in to educate and energize about 1 million young adults.

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Professors See Solutions in Slime

ASU Sustainability News School of Sustainability News

January 25, 2008

ASU News

You know algae. It’s the gunk that collects on the sides of a fish tank when you forget to clean it. It’s the slime that makes you slip on rocks while crossing a stream. You probably think of algae as a nuisance, if you even bother to think of it at all.

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ASU Powers Forward with Solar Plans

ASU Sustainability News School of Sustainability News

January 19, 2008

East Valley Tribune

With its bright sunny location and hundreds of thousands of square feet of flat rooftops, Arizona State University wants to move into solar energy in a big way.

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A Threat So Big, Academics Try Collaboration: Disciplines Cross Lines to Fight Global Warming

ASU Sustainability News School of Sustainability News

December 25, 2007

New York Times

The threat of Global Warming is sparking new collaboration between academic disciplines. "'We want all the departments to contribute without thinking they own the initiative themselves,' Dr. Fink said. Already, experts in biogeochemistry — the study of the scientific underpinnings of earth’s origins and existing biosystems — are working with social scientists to study the impact of rapid urbanization on plants and animals."

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ASU Mentor Kindles Student's Talents and Gets Research Assistance in the Process

Campus Sustainability School of Sustainability News

December 3, 2007

For the past two years, School of Life Sciences doctoral student, Kevin McCluney has participated as a graduate mentor in the Southwest Center for Education and the Natural Environment's (SCENE) Research Experiences for High School Students program. It's a relationship that is beneficial for both the students and the mentor. 

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Sustainability for Arizona: The Issue of Our Age

ASU Sustainability News School of Sustainability News

November 27, 2007

Morrison Institute and the Global Institute of Sustainability

The 6th edition of Morrison Institute's Arizona Policy Choices series, Sustainability for Arizona describes sustainability as a defining issue and organizing principle for the 21st century. Produced in partnership with Arizona State University's Global Institute of Sustainability, the report provides real-life examples and policy choices for the state. It includes the advice and insights of more than 25 policy leaders and thinkers from the public and private sectors, including ASU President Michael Crow.

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Outdoor Water Use Strains Resources

ASU Sustainability News

September 1, 2007

by Patricia Gober for the Arizona Republic

Photo of Patricia Gober, Professor at Arizona State University and Director of Decision Center for a Desert CityWater is the key resource for growth in a desert city like Phoenix. The Valley is blessed with a diverse portfolio of water sources, including the upland watersheds of the Salt and Verde rivers, the Colorado River Basin and, when surface waters are in short supply, a vast network of underground aquifers.

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Being Smart About Being Green

ASU Sustainability News

August 27, 2007

By Philip White

Arizona Republic: Environment

Photo of Philip White, Assistant Professor, Arizona State University Evidence that we each need to be more environmentally responsible surrounds us. Global warming is no longer just “a theory,” and the rate of species extinction increases precipitously as the growing human population expands its pressure on the Earth's resources.

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ASU's Global Institute of Sustainability: Guiding Arizona's Long-Term Future

ASU Sustainability News

June 9, 2007

by Jonathan Fink for the Arizona Republic

Photo of Jonathan Fink, Julie Ann Wrigley Director of the Global Institute of Sustainability and University Sustainability Officer at Arizona State UniversityArizona is a state built on optimism – a welcoming land of dazzling landscapes, abundant sunshine, and seemingly limitless economic opportunity.

But lately there is a growing unease among our citizens, concern that the bounty that drew us here might be running out. The decade-long drought might turn into a 1930s-style Dust Bowl. The choking “brown cloud” of air pollution might never lift. Night-time temperatures might pass the century mark and keep on rising. Freeway construction might never relieve the growing load of traffic.

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