Minor in sustainability FAQs for advisors

Please consult FAQs for Students if you are trying to answer a question from a student.

Q: How do I know which courses students may use to satisfy the upper-division electives requirements for the minor in sustainability?

A: You, as the major advisor, will approve two courses that relate directly to both sustainability and the student’s major and/or career goals. Ideally, such upper-division courses would come directly from the major for which you advise; however, you can approve anything that you believe addresses sustainability in a meaningful way for the student, whether it is offered through the student’s major or not. Some units have lists of pre-approved courses that they will allow students to use, while others let individual advisors make the determination. You may put the responsibility on the student to identify courses they would like to use and have them provide you with a justification as to why the courses make sense for the minor. As long as they can articulate to your satisfaction the connection to both sustainability and their goals, then you can approve and make the DARS exception. The School of Sustainability does not audit the courses advisors approve. 

Q: What are the PSNames for the minor in sustainability?

A: The PSName for approving the upper division electives is printed on the DARS requirement. For exceptions to other minor requirements, email [email protected] for assistance.

Q: What if I have questions or if I need assistance in helping a student?

A: Use the form below to ask your question or email [email protected].

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