SOS EMSL Graduates

EMSL Graduates

The EMSL program has enlightened my experience toward a holistic approach to sustainability. One in which sustainability can be used as a solution to address daily challenges small to large. The faculty and cohort brought unique experience and perspectives to program which added depth to the classes throughout the year. Over 13 months, I built personal relationships with others in the cohort whom will be lifelong friends and professional sounding boards throughout my life.

Abby Borders Harvest Lead/Cultivation, Intellectual Agriculture, LLC, Kaneohe, HI

The knowledge, experiences, and opportunity in this program rivals no other because of ASU, the EMSL staff, and the other amazing students who traveled the journey with me. I know that I have become a better human being and transformed the way I think about the world. I am so proud to say I am an EMSL graduate and ASU alumni.

Jill Burris Project Manager, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

The EMSL program has given me the opportunity to expand my understanding of how to look at the world through the lens of sustainability. My favorite thing about the EMSL program is that it teaches you how to do what you do, whatever that thing might be, in a more sustainable way. Whether you work in private business, the public sector, for a non-profit, or whether you just want to learn how to lead others to do things more sustainably, this program can transform you into an agent of change armed with the knowledge and skills you need to make the world a better place.

Dan Colton Supply Chain Sustainability Program Manager, Intel Corporation, Gilbert, AZ

This program has given me the tools and resources to grow professionally, and truly understand what it means to be a Leader in Sustainability. I have made invaluable connections and friendships, and I would not have done so in my everyday life. I expect the next phase of my career to be fulfilling and exciting due to the experiences and knowledge I have gained.

Elizabeth Cruz Supplier Quality Assurance, Mars Wrigley, Chicago, IL

One of the most valuable components of the EMSL program has been the impressive network of sustainability professionals that I have been exposed to. I’m not sure how many sustainability professionals at the crux of a challenging greenhouse gas emissions project at work have the opportunity to dial up the president of CDP and pick his brain about how to move forward, but I’m incredibly grateful to have been given that opportunity and countless others through the EMSL program.

Allison DeGeorge Corporate Sustainability Manager, Viasat Inc., Carlsbad, CA

The EMSL has provided training in the understanding of and leadership skills for developing sustainability oriented organizations. For me personally, this has enabled me to integrate the nexus of sustainability, the Hawaiian perspective, and health, for both personal pathwork as well as for addressing systemic issues through organizational and community initiatives.

Bennet Dorranc Owner/Manager, 1Heart and subsidiaries Kohala Village Hub, Blue Dragon Tavern and Musiquarium, Kohala Mountain Fish Company, and Memorial Reefs International, Hawi, HI

The EMSL has provided training in the understanding of and leadership skills for developing sustainability oriented organizations. For me personally, this has enabled me to integrate the nexus of sustainability, the Hawaiian perspective, and health, for both personal pathwork as well as for addressing systemic issues through organizational and community initiatives.

Robin Dumas Commissioner, Environmental Affairs Commission, Sierra Vista, AZ

The Executive Master of Sustainability Leadership program has given me the ability to progress in my current field of work. The vision, tools and approaches used, have enabled me to incorporate principles that will allow me to help influence others and create sustainable change in the built environment.

Aaron Hansen Project Manager, Granite Peak Builders, Salt Lake City, UT

During the EMSL program, I have been challenged and experienced growth both personally and professionally. This program has changed how I make everyday decisions from what I eat and purchase to the organization I choose to work for. It has also put me more in touch with my values, and I have many more tools in my toolbelt now to live out my values and make a difference. I am grateful I have had this opportunity to expand my worldview, and I believe I am now more equipped than ever to lead myself as well as others.

Jessica Lerner Senior Demand Generation Manager, Xplorie, Destin, FL

This program has taught me new ways to solve challenges with critical thinking and systems constructs within the sustainability platform. I have learned how to contribute to the world my ideas and solutions as a leader. I have learned new ways to be a leader that initiates change in a manner that creates buy in from key individuals that play a vital role in the transformation of behaviors that have impacted our communities in a negative way. This program is life changing and forces the students to be the light that the world needs for change.

LaCheris Luster Senior Relationship Associate, Sunflower Bank, N.A., Phoenix, AZ

From a personal perspective: The EMSL program opened my mind to an entirely new way of thinking. Sustainability is now synonymous with the word opportunity in my mind. In the past, society may have thought of environmentally and socially conscious business strategy as something reserved for tree huggers, but I now see that it’s truly good for business, people, and the planet. EMSL also provided me with the tools to better communicate that message and take actionable steps to improve our systems and business structures. To be a sustainability leader, you don’t have to be the CEO of a company, you just need a little creativity and innovation, some partnerships and positivity. From a logistics perspective: The faculty are world class, the content is very applicable to your career, and the trip to Amsterdam was so inspiring. Amsterdam shows what is possible when people work together and continuously push the boundary of what’s possible.

Megan Nestor Events Coordinator, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

The EMSL program provides a well-rounded curriculum via highly respected, expert professors that equips students with the tools to help drive meaningful sustainability initiatives. The hybrid format allows for a convenient learning experience while the international immersive and Phoenix workshops provide opportunities to collaborate with other members in the cohort in-person. I learned a lot from the mix of students from a variety of industries and interests, all with the common goal of wanting to have a positive impact in our world.

Elissa Rosen Elissa Rosen

The EMSL program has absolutely been a life-changing experience, for both my professional and personal lives. It challenged me to change my general outlook, exposed me to the global systems of our world culture, given me a deeper understanding of my organization’s systems, and evolved my outlook and approach to addressing concerns and setting goals. It’s provided me with a lens to look at things differently than I would have traditionally, and it’s given me a toolbox of strategies and resources to utilize as I progress towards my life and career goals. I feel I am much better set up for actual success now, and aware and accepting of the reality that being a “change agent” truly is a challenging life endeavor.

William Baker Area Supervisor, Mesa Public Schools, Food and Nutrition Department, Tempe, AZ

Attending EMSL, for me, was a life-changing event. After serving in the military for 20 years, I wanted to take my life in a different direction, but at the same time continue to make a difference in the world. The EMSL program showed me how sustainability interconnects and touches our lives in a variety of different ways. It truly opened my eyes and gave me a different perspective on the world.

Jonathan Burgess Retired Marine Corps Officer, Fort Mitchell, AL

The 21st century is plagued with “wicked” problems. These large scale, complex, global challenges are constantly evolving rendering traditional methods, tools, and systems ill equipped to solve them. Enter the Executive Master of Sustainability Leadership program. EMSL brilliantly prepares students to think critically about the issues, not as doomsday scenarios but as POSSIBILITIES, and through the lens of sustainability offers tools, knowledge, inspiration, and empowerment to go out and tackle those issues nearest to our heart. I’m blessed for having had the opportunity to study with four great professors (George Basile, Bruno Sarda, Alycia de Mesa, and Lisa Estrada) as well as 19 AMAZING cohort members (too many to name but they know who they are) who absolutely changed my life.

Maria Coca Holistic Health & Wellness Educator, Coca Wellness, LLC and Arizona State University, Gilbert, AZ

Sustainability is a huge complicated web of challenges and issues that is going to take strong and passionate leaders working together to make real change. I came into the EMSL program knowing I wanted to be one of those leaders making a difference in the world. I didn’t realize I was entering something that would fundamentally change my life and transform me into a better leader and better person. This degree is not just about learning the skills and knowledge needed to make change. It is a journey about personal growth and the power of being present. It is about what it truly takes to be a transformational leader in a world full of wicked problems. It is about the immediate change you will be able to influence and the ripple effects it will have. It is about influencing others that cannot see what you see. It is about the relationships and the special bonds with incredibly intelligent and talented people, working side by side within the sustainability community.

Joy Crane Former Director Learning Strategy, Enterprise Wide Initiatives, Cox Communications, Phoenix, AZ

If you told me a year ago that I would be in the position I am today I would have never believed you. I knew I was starting my master’s program but what I didn’t know that I was going to be in for a life changing experience. I made relationships with the members of my cohort that are now going to be lifelong friends. I traveled to Europe and explored sustainability through a completely different cultural lens. I even made a name for myself at my job and will be starting to launch programs that will have credibility due to newly earned degree. I started the program by telling the faculty I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it because I had no background in sustainability at all. They promised me it would all make sense and that they would help me along the way. I’ve never had someone stay so true to their promise. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to be a better leader, communicator and sustainability MASTER.

Vanessa Cruz Enrollment Advisor, Pearson Education, Phoenix, AZ

EMSL this had to be one of the most challenging and very rewarding experiences of life. I have learned so much about myself and those around me, I discovered that there is a whole world out there with worth the experiences that this program offered. It truly showed me how small the world is and the problems that the world faces can be fixed one step at a time. With everything that I learned I believe that I will be able offer so much more and pass sustainability on to my kids.

Shawn Dickey Quality Assurance Inspector, Lockheed Martin, Goodyear, AZ

In 2005, I graduated with an Environmental Engineering degree and entered the workforce in pursuit of employment with noble purpose. Though I found challenging work, I did not find exactly what I’d hoped for. My career eventually led me to a career in Sustainability and I thought that I was taking a step in the right direction, and after entering the EMSL program it became clear to me that I was finally fulfilling my culminating expectation from undergrad. The EMSL program enhanced my understanding of Sustainability and how I can effectively apply the tools therein to shift my organization towards a path of meaningful impact. The pillars of this program are so eloquently integrated and allowing me to learn more about myself and while learning the skills to be a true Sustainability Leader. If you believe the need for Sustainability Leaders is only increasing and are seeking the skills to be changemaker in this field, this program is perfect for you.

Christopher Fenwick Manager, Global EHS & Sustainability Support, J.M. Huber Corporation, Alanta, GA

The world of sustainability is a growing discipline with a dynamic landscape. However, when most people think of sustainability, they immediately turn to issues such as environmental protection or recycling. My interests lie in the social sustainability realm. When researching a higher degree in this field, I specifically sought out a program that would encompass the environmental, social, and governance aspects of sustainability. I found that in the EMSL program. Through the course of the 13 months I was able to deepen my understanding of sustainability in my current role and was provided tools to develop my leadership as I seek to move forward in the field. Additionally, I have been granted access to instructors, industry leaders, and contacts that will forever be a part of my success network.

Victoria Gilchrist Program Manager, Supply Chain Sustainability, Intel Corporation, Chandler, AZ

The Executive Master of Sustainability Leadership program is an amazing program that exceeded my expectations. The family atmosphere fostered by the staff and faculty is a testament that this graduate degree program is like no other. I experienced personal and professional growth through the collaborative efforts of the cohort, and I was uniquely and immediately challenged by getting out of my comfort zone and viewing things through a different lens. I discovered a problem space that can be addressed with divergent thinking coupled with a new set of tools derived from the EMSL program. The program and professors are inspiring and guided me to a newly found confidence in my sustainability journey that I didn’t have prior to participating in the program. I am forever grateful that I selected the EMSL program over others, and I am extremely proud to be part of the ASU EMSL family! Forks up!

Anthony Gomes Agile Coach and Organizational Transformation Consultant, Houston, TX

During the course of the EMSL program we were challenged to “Know Ourselves, Understand Others, and Lead and Sustain Change.” By accepting and completing this challenge, we gained valuable tools that can be used in sustainability and almost any other area. The field of sustainability presents tremendous challenges and opportunities. EMSL armed us with the tools to identify opportunities in the global context, develop a strategy to seize those opportunities, compel others to action through communication, and lead and sustain the needed change. It was a tremendous experience and I am thankful for having taken part in the journey.

Mark Hansen Northrop Grumman, Aerospace & Defense, Phoenix, AZ

EMSL promotes strategic decision making and long-term planning that puts the betterment of our community at the fore. Every organization is faced with their own external and internal challenges, which are catalyzed by our rapidly changing global landscape. Ultimately, these challenges threaten our long-term success. However, many of our challenges overlap and are best solved by shared interest and collaboration. EMSL has taught me to identify our shared challenges as opportunities for growth, and develop collaborative solutions to better our environmental, social, and economic well-being.

Paul Keppler Building Services Manager, City of Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI

Had I not gone through this educational process, I would still be oblivious to how we can make sustainable changes without needing to be an expert. Through this program I have learned that I can make changes in my day to day business dealings and by negotiating and collaborating with the resources all around me, make them without additional economic impacts. In a lot of cases we are actually saving money with these sustainable initiatives. Education and support are the key in getting all of us thinking through a sustainable lens on the daily. My call to action to all of us is to not focus on that one thing that is our “jam” but to open our eyes to what we can do right here right now. Break from tradition and search out sustainable solutions in as many decisions you can make. Be the example and grow where you have been planted, it’s the first step to your future goals and linking what we do today to how we affect the world tomorrow.

Shawnee Lavy Manager, Real Estate Facility Operations, CenturyLink Inc., Phoenix Metro, AZ

The EMSL program equipped me to make a compelling case for implementing sustainable practices to a wide range of audiences.

Danielle Leoni Executive Chef and Owner, The Breadfruit & Rum Bar, Phoenix, AZ

The EMSL program has changed the course of my life from day 1. I’ve never been around a more passionate and intelligent group of people who push me to think outside the box and push the envelope than the professors and cohort that I have spent the last year with. I was pushed and stretched in ways I didn’t know possible and by accepting the experience I have learned so much not only about Sustainability and Leadership but also about myself. I think that the most exciting part of this journey is seeing the personal growth that each member of the cohort goes through from start to finish. We have really pushed each other and supported one another through some tremendously strenuous and exciting times. Personally, I am really looking forward to seeing what this group is going to accomplish.

Benjamin Paulat Energy Incentive Manager II, Schneider Electric, Phoenix, AZ

This EMSL program not only taught me to look at the world through a sustainability lens, it challenged me to go outside my comfort zone to become a Sustainability Change Agent. As a veteran, I witnessed the rise in mental health needs among veterans and the successful mental health program the Department of Veteran Affairs put in place that provides 24/7 confidential access to mental health services without judgment and in the privacy of one’s own space. Looking through a mental health sustainability lens and personal experience, I recognized the mental health needs of refugee teens who would not access mental health based on cultural and religious beliefs about mental health. These refugee teens, soon to be Americans, deserve our compassion and access to efficient mental health care services to strive in a healthy society. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you see someone in need of mental health services.

Gen Pratt Retired. Sustainability Leader. Volunteer, Tampa, FL

EMSL has helped me understand that I can be a leader in the sustainability field. It has equipped me with the knowledge I need, and network of people I can call upon to help me. It has taught me that no matter what industry you work in, sustainability is key. And if we want to sustain our current way of life everyone has to work together to create change, no matter your background.

Ashley Quay Graphic Design Specialist, ASU Rob and Melani Walton Sustainability Solutions Service, Phoenix, AZ

Because of the EMSL Program, I learned a lot about the fishing industry, their logistics, and the entities that support them (Nothing But Net and Net Gain – fishing nets to carpet tiles). I became a much better leader and will continually evolve to be better and better. I now understand what it takes to bring a collaborative group together, and to listen to all, ensuring that each entity benefits from the project at hand. My empathy for others has increased immensely. I became much more confident in my presentation skills by using more pictures, and less words and bullets (tough for an engineer to do). I learned that no idea is too far from my reach, and if you want to be an innovator you must think about things that you never thought were possible and make them possible. I became a much better writer through responding to the Discussion Questions and writing many papers. Lastly, and most importantly, I now know that I should have registered for and completed this program ten years earlier.

Robin Schiro Environmental Program Manager, Choctaw Defense Services, Kodiak, AZ

A truly rewarding education experience. The juice is worth the squeeze.

Corey Strawhun Captain, Arizona Country Club, Scottsdale, AZ

This program will re-shape the way you approach problems, challenges, and drive change. Taught from a real world real time perspective, the lessons learned in this program were immediately applicable to a myriad of areas in a professional capacity. The weekly guest speaker series was simply amazing, and the networking opportunity is beyond outstanding. The relationships built within the cohort, faculty, guest speaker series, and the international immersive are second to none. If you are looking for a program to challenge your ability to think both strategically and critically, while wanting to solve large issues on a micro or macro level, look no further.

Luis Tachiquin Recruitment Manager, Pearson Education, Maricopa, AZ

What an incredible experience! Impossible to quantify how the information learned is not only effective in the sustainability world but is very relevant to all job categories. I didn’t only earn a degree, I also found a new family of likeminded professionals.

Ralph Thompson 944 FW Wing Weapons Manager, Department of the Air Force, Goodyear, AZ

The Executive Master of Sustainability Leadership program at Arizona State University has been a dynamic and transformative learning experience. Through the EMSL program I have gained an enlightened perspective on our world and sustainability, along with many new tools and skills to drive meaningful change in my organization to build a better tomorrow.

Patrick Banegas Land Investment Mgr, Taylor Morrison, Phoenix, AZ

I am simply BLOWN AWAY by the level of knowledge gained through this program and how it has now melded into my deep background and experience in the field of Finance. The tools, methods, and perspectives gained through EMSL have made not only my capstone project possible, but have supplied me with abilities (superpowers!) as I move forward in my career. Specific to my capstone, I have the tools necessary to create a significant and fundamental change in the financial system in the USA. I realize the idea and effort seems lofty in its reach but the creation of non-credit reputational risk analysis, measurement tools, and financial products moves the conversation into the 21st century and recognizes the complex challenges in a world soon occupied by 9 billion people. Traditional methods will no longer work (they are failing now) and an evolution of thought must occur if there is to be any chance of sustaining a population that large. Sustainability is not just about existing, it is about living. I embrace the responsibility of leadership in the field of sustainability and have extremely high expectations of myself, my cohort, and previous and future cohorts of this program to do the same. My capstone draws from a deep and wide pool of knowledge and individuals who I am now connected to via EMSL. I welcome the ability to continue the sustainability conversation inside and outside of the program.

Jeffrey Dangremond Principal, ESG Verification LLC, Scottsdale, AZ

You can’t change the world by yourself, no matter how bad you may want to. The skills learned in EMSL empower you to lead and inspire others to action. Deep rooted change comes with many challenges. EMSL develops leaders ready to tackle environmental, social and governance issues on a global context. It is immersive, experiential and provides fertile ground for learning to lead people to a more sustainable future.

Russell Goldstein Institutional Client Advisor, U.S. Trust, Bank of America, Phoenix, AZ

The Executive Master of Sustainability Leadership program is so much more than a graduate degree. This program took me out of my comfort zone and challenged me to see and understand different perspectives. It taught me to engage more thoughtfully and constructively with my colleagues and peers, and it really gave me the confidence I needed to push myself in my sustainability journey. I am incredibly grateful to have participated in the program, and proud to be part of the EMSL family!

Meghan Grever Communications and Sustainability Professional, International Consultant, Philadelphia, PA

Joining the Executive Master of Sustainability Leadership has given me the confidence to make an impact not only within my company but also the community at large. I stepped out of my comfort zone, expanded my knowledge and gained tools from all four disciplines: global context, strategy, leadership and communications. Sustainability encompasses social, environmental, and financial aspects in all industries. Being a leader at a company that values all three aspects, but has not reached is full potential will help me be the change I wish to see.

Mario Herrera VP, Loan Administration, Wells Fargo, Chandler, AZ

The Executive Master of Sustainability Leadership program has been a transformational opportunity, allowing me to see the world – and myself – through a completely different lens. I believe we are all gifted with ability to learn and evolve, but this program helped me unlock a mindset and a set of opportunities that I didn’t have before. With exceptional faculty and classmates, I am now a better leader and storyteller, I have a better understanding of the system and world in which we operate, and I have the ability to work with others to approach problems and identify solutions to bring value to any work I do. This program not only made me more dedicated to the betterment of our society, but it equipped me with the confidence and competence to see this dedication.

Emma Hopson Program Mgr., Strategic Partnerships, Julie Ann Wrigley Gloabl Institute of Sustainability, Scottsdale, AZ

The Executive Master of Sustainability Leadership met every professional and educational need I was looking for. It far surpassed my expectations for personal growth, mentorship, relationship building, and networking opportunities. The EMSL program helped me take my career from a Senior management position to an Executive Director role. I learned how to use a sustainability lens to frame my strategy for growth, communicate the vision, engage stakeholders, and create unique partnerships. I was able to immediately apply concepts into my role and see the results. I am proud to be a part of such a dynamic group of change agents. Perusing this program has been one of the most valuable investments I have made in myself and for my career.

Jessica Morrison CEO Resource Conservation Partners, Ventura, CA

The Executive Master of Sustainability Leadership program has empowered me to become a better leader, better team mate and most of all a better person. I have learned how to apply sustainability to any organization and never take comfort in the status quo. I am honored to be part of the EMSL family and will never forget the amazing people that make up this visionary network.

Burton Payne Multifunction Quality Assurance Supervisor, Lockheed Martin, Glendale, AZ

The EMSL program has been a life changing experience for me. It came at a time in my life when I was looking to fill an emptiness. I had been complacent at my job and was not able to think beyond my own leadership. The EMSL program has taught me to think outside the box. I have learned that you don’t always have to live in the black and white. It is ok to look beyond your own thought process and live in the gray sometimes. I have learned humility and humbleness at the same time. This was one of the best decisions of my life, starting over in my early forties has not always been an easy journey. But the professors and the staff of the EMSL program surely has made it enticing and motivational for me.

Diane Trimble Store Mgr., Starbucks Coffee Comp., Victorville, CA

The Executive Master of Sustainability Leadership is a truly distinctive program. It utilizes a systems thinking approach to examine sustainability challenges on a macro and micro level, while building your leadership and communication skill set. This shift in mindset has allowed me to create a vision for myself and the world I want to live in, while empowering me to become an agent of change. The entire EMSL experience transcends the scope of other programs by its unique design, which fosters professional growth and personal transformation.

Janice Almond Business Development Manager, SmithNovak, Prague, Czech Republic

I am a passionate development professional with more than twelve years of experience. I have mostly worked in Haiti, on issues such as financial inclusion, youth empowerment, and social Justice. But, you would not think so if you had met me prior to my enrollment in the Executive Master of Sustainable Leadership program. I lacked the confidence and the boldness it requires for my passion and expertise to shine through and take my career to the next level. Now, having gone through the Executive Master of Sustainability Leadership program, my self-confidence and leadership skills have skyrocketed. But most importantly the program has turned me into a fierce development professional with endless career opportunities. The EMSL program has changed my life!

Natacha Brice Livelihoods Emergency Response Technical Advisor, American Red Cross, Haiti

The Executive Master of Sustainability Leadership program is the next step to where you want to be in life! I came into EMSL wanting to make my Federal agency more green and save money. I came away leading change to examine our key business processes as enablers to strengthening the communities we serve. In turn, this will advance our goal of delivering customer service that meets the changing needs of our country.

Anthony Chavez Legislation/Congressional Affairs Specialist, Social Security Administration, Hanover, MD

The Executive Master of Sustainability Leadership program gave me the career development opportunities I had been searching for, renewed purpose and the credibility to speak on sustainable business initiatives. The faculty has been encouraging, thoughtful, and would move mountains to ensure the success of their students. I will always be grateful for the opportunity to have participated in this innovative program and for all of those I met along the way.

Aishling Coyne Environmental Compliance Coordinator, Banner Health, Phoenix, AZ

Participating in the Executive Master of Sustainability Leadership program through Arizona State University opened up a new set of doors for me. I was provided with new tools and a new outlook on how to approach Leadership, Strategy and Communication and how to put it all into a Global Context. However, the biggest asset to this program is it’s participants. Through this program I have developed a strong and cohesive group of new connections and colleagues that I will continue to view as the most valuable asset of this program. My cohort gave me more support than I could have imagined.

Rene Edde Associate Store Team Leader, Whole Foods Market, Chigaco, IL

I had passion. I had commitment. I had solid communication skills. But I needed more to become a sustainability professional. The Executive Master of Sustainability Leadership program provided critical form and direction. It taught me about leadership in ways I couldn’t have imagined. It enabled me to connect global to local dots. It pushed me to articulate my purpose clearly. It demanded I grow. As a result, I was elected Chair of the Community Sustainability Council. I founded The We Alchemy, whose mission it is to transform Greensboro into a sustainable city. I motivated the News & Record to host a series of sustainability events for the whole community. My expectations of the program –– and the quickness with which I could influence –– profoundly exceeded my expectations.

Faun Finley Chair, Greensboro Community Sustainability Council, Greensboro, North Carolina; Founder,The We Alchemy, Greensboro, NC

I have been working on issues of sustainability and climate action for a number of years with some tactical success. However, I lacked a clear understanding about how to strategically and permanently affect change in my organization. I needed to accelerate my progress, broaden my network and deepen my expertise. This is why I enrolled in the Executive Master of Sustainability Leadership Program at ASU. Thanks to my cohort, the instructors and support staff, I got just what I required in order to make meaningful and lasting change in my organization and beyond.

Joe Fullerton Energy and Sustainability Manager, San Mateo County Community College District, San Mateo, CA

The Executive Master of Sustainability Leadership program has changed me in ways that I could not have foreseen at the beginning of this journey, both on a personal and professional level. The classes have not only given me the tools to address various business challenges using a sustainability lens, but they have also instilled in me the confidence to become an effective agent for change. The strong interpersonal relationships I have forged in the past year with members of my cohort, as well as previous cohorts, are friendships that will last a lifetime and are an invaluable bonus of the program.

Nichole Herche Change Agent, BE THE TEA, LLC, Phoenix, AZ

For me, the Executive Master of Sustainability Leadership program presented the perfect opportunity at the perfect time. The combination of intensive progressive online sessions, combined with a weekly exposure to industry experts, initial and final in-person workshops, and an incredible mid-year international immersive learning experience in both the public and private sectors, created an unparalleled personal and professional development opportunity. Yet, it was the intentional recruitment of an exceptionally diverse, talented and like-minded cohort, coupled with an outstanding and authentic core faculty and a knowledgeable and thoughtful administration that truly defined the excellence of EMSL, a network of sustainability colleagues and friends that continue to inspire me.

Julie Hopwood Associate Vice President for Business and Auxiliary Services, Ball State University, Muncie, IN

The Executive Master of Sustainability Leadership program changed not only my global outlook on people, profit, and planet, but how I see the intersection of how each system supports the other. From my standpoint, you couldn’t ask for a more life changing experience.

Julie Hopwood Associate Vice President for Business and Auxiliary Services, Ball State University, Muncie, IN

The Executive Master of Sustainability Leadership program changed not only my global outlook on people, profit, and planet, but how I see the intersection of how each system supports the other. From my standpoint, you couldn’t ask for a more life changing experience.

Marlynd Hunt Commissioner, Arizona Commission on African American Affairs, Gilbert, AZ

I was looking for a life-changing experience, and I found it right here with the Executive Master of Sustainability Leadership program at ASU. The faculty’s investment in each of us as individuals is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and the friendship and support of our cohort family will remain with us for years to come. I recommend EMSL to anyone seeking an expansion of his or her horizons and an infusion of something completely new!

Sharon Kinsella Director of Volunteer Engagement, Arizona Humane Society, Phoenix, AZ

I wanted more than just a graduate degree and through the Executive Master of Sustainability Leadership program, I found empowerment, story, leadership, creativity through critical thinking, friendship and hope. Through the EMSL program, I have built and launched a productive Sustainability Program in my business. The positive aspects of the program have built new leaders in the business, brought a positive image in the community and helped increase employee morale all while reducing our carbon footprint.

Chris Kyriakopoulos Credit and Customer Financial Services Manager, GlobalTranz, Scottsdale, AZ

The Executive Master of Sustainability Leadership program has been so rich and enlightening for me. The word ‘transformative’ is the best word I can think of, but it really is not enough do describe the experience. The cohorts and faculty are world class and second to none. EMSL will forever be a part of my story.

Ignacio Leon Vice President, Tempe Home Equity Site Leader, Wells Fargo, Phoenix, AZ

This Executive Master of Sustainability Leadership program has prepared and challenged me to become a better person and change agent. It has specifically expanded my perspective on how to apply sustainability to any organization and how to never run out of ideas. I am honored to be in the EMSL family!

Nicholas Maragliano Field Team Operations Lead Mechanic, Lockheed Martin, Glendale, AZ

My Executive Master of Sustainability Leadership experience was trans-formative and Fun! Within the first couple of weeks and throughout the entire program I was provided with tools that I could immediately apply to my personal and professional life. Before the program, I was an assistant store manager going through the motions, now I am a Regional Recruiter helping others take the next step in their careers. You will definitely be provided with what you need and not what you want! By examining who you are and how you communicate with your audience.

Ruben Ramirez Assistant Store Operations Director, Kroger, Mesa, AZ

The Executive Master of Sustainability Leadership Program helped me to apply a sustainability lens to help me create smart business solutions for my organization. This program provides all the tools to become an effective change agent in any organization.

Travis Yellowhair Senior Consultant, L4SG – Level Four Solutions Group, Maricopa, AZ

This EMSL program has prepared me to address global development challenges through a sustainable lens.

Alexandria Stinchfield Proposal Manager, Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development, AZ State University

I have found that each person brings a unique skill set and that I am learning from each person. At the end of the day a unique mix is what makes selling the story of sustainability easier.

Antonia Castro Graham Sustainability Manager, City of Huntington Beach, Irvine, CA

The Executive Master of Sustainability program opened my eyes to the possibility that you can be a logical, profit-focused business person while being true to your passion for making the world a better place.

Dawn Olsen Interim CFO, Phoenix Art Museum, Paradise Valley, AZ

The overall program has been amazing and I am recommending it to several folks. Thanks again for recommending the program and feel free to use me as a reference. I would only give positive feedback to anyone that was considering the program.

Deborah Mayfield Alliance Lead for Middle East and North America, Accenture, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Deciding to get my Executive Master of Sustainability Leadership through the Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiatives was one of the best decisions I have ever made. EMSL professors and cohorts have expanded my knowledge in business, communications, sustainability and leadership – and best of all, it has grown my network throughout the world. Thanks to this program, my company, Go Big! Enterprise, will forever look at clients through a sustainability lens and communicate through storytelling!

Dena Baldwin Owner/Partner, Go Big! Enterprise, Mesa, AZ

The Executive Master of Sustainability Leadership program and its faculty has better equipped me with the skills to approach organizational challenges with a clearer perspective.

Denise Maldonado-Avitia Community Outreach Specialist, Preventive Health Collaborative, Laveen, AZ

Deven Patten Headshot

I did not have an extensive sustainability experience before the program, but I am now confident that I can and will step into a role that will have significant impact for my employer! The network of experts and colleagues that I have added due to this program has been invaluable.

Deven Patten Manager, Americas Distributor Support and Product Experience, NuSkin, Orem, UT

Evelyn Brumfield headshot

During my work in the Executive Master of Sustainability Leadership program, I was able to take my program further faster and respond to community demands. I created a coaching consultancy, and am better able to work with the businesses and government entities interested in sustainability. The faculty and staff are world class and the knowledge and experiences I gained in this program are life-changing.

Evelyn Brumfield Director of Education, Keep Phoenix Beautiful, Phoenix, AZ

Hideaki Azy Azuma headshot

There are three aspects that I would like to recommend to future candidates. First, the program is based on pragmatic approach for business professionals. The program covers not only sustainability issues but also leadership and communication strategy for entrepreneurs. Through the program and one to one coaching session by excellent faculties, I could make my own business and marketing plan related with sustainability as supportive push. Second, quality of students is excellent. Cohort members were from different industries, expertise and from all over the world. Through every discussion with them, I could learn different ideas and approaches from different points of view. Finally, this hybrid program makes possible real learning experiences without quitting my job. I could feel strong bond with cohort members and faculties through the year.

Hideaki Azuma CEO/Consultant/Coach, Systemic Change, Inc., Kashiwanoha, Japan

Jennifer Johnson Headshot

The Executive Master of Sustainability Leadership connected me to how urgently the world needs sustainability. It showed me examples of sustainability heroes – people and groups affecting real change – and gave me exactly the right information and tools to become one myself. Joining the program was one of the best decisions of my life.

Jennifer Roberts-Johnson former Client Director, Thunderbird School of Global Management, Phoenix, AZ

Jennifer Ruggiero headshot

Early in the program, I started to use things we learned in class with amazing results. My staff’s new-found excitement has shocked me. They literally stop me days after meetings as they see me in the halls to convey their motivation. By using techniques used in EMSL, my staff has been able to discover their own leadership potential.

Jennifer Ruggiero Director of Apheresis Collections, Northern New England Region, American Red Cross

Jeremiah Powless headshot

Communication throughout the program with the instructors, students and staff made me feel like a colleague and not just a student. The instructors are nothing but supportive and value the individual experiences and backgrounds of each member of the cohort. I am truly thankful for the opportunity that ASU and the EMSL program has given me to learn from world renowned faculty and for giving me the opportunity to share my Native American culture with the world.

Jeremiah Powless Rapid Response Specialist, State of New Mexico Workforce Solutions, Fruitland, NM

John Martinson headshot

The Executive Master of Sustainability Leadership has heightened the intensity of what I do for sustainability from my personal actions, including interactions with my kids, through every business consideration. It is quite remarkable – the value of this program goes way beyond what I had thought it would be. It unlocked creativity and had me see my business through a sustainability lens, thus opening up opportunities I never would have seen without it. The value of the program is far more than the time and money I put into it and I am looking forward to putting my capstone initiative into play at China Mist.

John Martinson Founder and Co-Chairman, China Mist Iced Tea Company, Inc., Paradise Valley, AZ

Karen Cecil headshot

Sustainability leadership requires a unique skillset. The EMSL program understands exactly what business leaders need to be more successful in sustainability, and has provided me with information and tools that are immediately applicable to my organization. The cohort approach has broadened my sustainability perspective beyond our industry sector and has given me a fresh viewpoint to bring back to my organization. I have also gained a group of professionals and trusted friends to discuss approaches and provide insights throughout the rest of my career.

Karen Cecil Director of Global Environmental Sustainability, Cummins, Inc., Columbus, IN

Kris Spector headshot

As a sustainability consultant with experience in both the public and private sector, I am always confronted with new problems that my clients are facing. The Executive Master of Sustainability Leadership program not only showed me how to think differently when dealing with sustainability issues but exposed me on how to think globally when dealing with my clients. This is by far the greatest program at ASU and I am extremely proud to be a Sun Devil.

Kristopher Spector Founder, Spector Sustainability Consulting, Scottsdale, AZ

Lisa Estrada headshot

The Executive Master of Sustainability Leadership program is providing us exactly what was promised. They are educating and empowering us to apply leadership and communication skills while teaching us how to strategically navigate our organization to influence systemic change. You won’t have to wait to finish your degree to effect change. The instruction is based on the real world realities that exist in organizations today, allowing you to apply what you are learning now. EMSL has already given me the credibility that I need to garner support and buy-in from the individuals in my organization. They know that this kind of degree is more than an accomplishment, it’s an investment in me and society.

Lisa Estrada Economic Efficiency and Sustainability Manager, City of Peoria, Phoenix, AZ

Sarah Lyon Headshot

Courses in EMSL have taught me how to connect and communicate with people more effectively by using the power of storytelling and social media. We learn how to make a difference to improve our organization, community and environment. The degree can be a position addition or an extra advantage in any job or career field. The length of the program being so short is also a big positive.

Sarah Lyon Business Analyst for Clinical Services, United Health Group, Phoenix, AZ

Tara Briscoe

The Executive Master of Sustainability Leadership transformed me from someone with a passion for sustainability into a change agent equipped with a complete set of actionable tools to educate and empower business leaders to find sustainable solution strategies. Looking through this new sustainability lens, I’m excited at the world of possibilities and the promise it holds for our future.

Tara Briscoe Briscoe Consulting LLC Digital Marketing and Web Development, Tempe, AZ

Tyler Sytsma Headshot

I joined the military to make a difference in the world, and as I transitioned into my educational endeavors, EMSL stood out to me because it allowed for me to make a difference in the world as well, and as I was used to taking leadership roles in the military, EMSL has given me the tools to be a leader in positive change in my civilian life. Everything in these courses has been having a profound impact on what I do at work.

Tyler Sytsma Sustainability Coordinator at the University of North Carolina – Charlotte

Warren Gorowitz Headshot

Building on ASU’s success as the New American University, the dynamic EMSL program has brought together those who have a passion for sustainability both within our instructors and the cohort. What I’ve learned from this program will help lead our business towards the next level in sustainability. I will cherish the network and friendships I have made for many years to come. The faculty and staff are amazing and have been so inspiring and supportive of my ideas, my challenges and my passion for sustainability. This has been an experience which is so much more than I could have ever imagined.

Warren Gorowitz Vice President of Sustainability, Ewing Irrigation Products, Phoenix, AZ

Mike Amico Headshot

I am noticing that I am viewing the world through a different lens. Everything I see I want to look for ways to collaborate or make it better.

Mike Amico Solar Energy Advisor, Sunrun Phoenix, AZ

Rosalynn Dodd Peschl Headshot

I owned a small business with about 30 employees. The business always had a sustainability focus, but because of the Executive Master’s for Sustainability Leadership program, I was able to apply a more cohesive sustainability strategy. This commitment to sustainability truly set us apart from our competition and resulted in an offer to purchase the business that I couldn’t refuse. In addition, the credibility and experience that I have gained through the program has resulted in numerous conference invitations for me to speak on sustainability and leadership in business.

Rosalynn Dodd Peschl Former Owner, Leela Eco Spa & Studio Owner, Creating Eudaimonia Inc. Calgary, Canada

Mike Herod headshot

As a consultant for a federal agency, I expand on and practice every lesson from the Executive Master’s for Sustainability Leadership program. My office is full of ASU pride and when asked where I learned or how I know what to do, I just point and smile. I am using what I learned every day and it is making a difference!

Mike Herod Sustainability Consultant, LMI Government Consulting Washington, D.C.

Tim Trefzer headshot

The Executive Master’s for Sustainability Leadership program pushed me to look at how my organization is affected by external environmental factors and how our business in turn affects the global environment. The program helped me break out of the bubble I tend to operate in and consider the bigger picture regarding business needs for the future.

Tim Trefzer Sustainability Manager, Georgia World Congress Center Authority Atlanta, GA

Graduation headshot of Pratik Patel in cap and gown

I used the Executive Master’s for Sustainability Leadership program as a platform to help create a Green Team at American Express, which includes individuals like me who are avid believers in the concept of sustainability across multiple business units. Our mission is to educate, inspire and engage AmEx employees about sustainability issues as well as identifying and implementing cost-effective solutions to help AmEx operate in a more sustainable fashion.

Pratik Patel Technologies Vendor Specialist, American Express Phoenix, AZ

Headshot of Bonnie

The instructors went out of their way to provide a stimulating classroom setting online. The information was relevant and presented in a coordinated and creative manner. It was a very challenging course of study that expanded my understanding of how our complex network of systems, and the choices we make, impact the wellbeing of our communities, the economy and the environment.

Bonnie Richardson Architect/Principal Planner, City of Tempe Tempe, AZ

Graduation photo of Yemi Adelwole (right) and four faculty members

I now pay more attention to communicating my ideas from the point of view of my audience. This program provided me leadership skills that I am now transferring into my career and sharing with the people around me.

Adeyemi Adewole CEO, Adcem Healthcare LTD Founder, Sustainability School Lagos Lagos, Nigeria (here with faculty members George Basile, Park Howell, Kevin Gazzara and Bruno Sarda)

Graduation photo of Debra Emanuelle and two faculty members

I now have the language and increased confidence to stand firm in my personal and professional commitment to promoting a values-based, foundational strategy in business.

Debra Emmanuelle Founder, Green Papillon Sedona, AZ (here with Dean Christopher Boone and faculty members George Basile, Park Howell, Kevin Gazzara and Bruno Sarda)

Graduation headshot of Jaime Bohan in cap and gound

This program was immensely helpful to me in developing processes to leverage sustainability as a game changer for business strategy and impact.

Jamie Bohan Senior Director of Recycle and Tech, Republic Services Phoenix, AZ

Headshot of Bryan McLaren

The Executive Master’s for Sustainability Leadership program allowed me to exceed so much further beyond what I thought was possible in such a short amount of time. The connections and knowledge I gained from the faculty and staff is unmatched by any other organization I’ve worked with.

Bryan McLaren CEO, Zoned Properties, Inc. Scottsdale, AZ

Headshot of Thomas Williams in cap and gown for graduation

I more than just expanded my professional network—I made friends that I know I can learn from for the rest of my life.

Thomas Williams Coordinator of Sustainability Programs, Scottsdale Community College Scottsdale, AZ

Femi Olarewaju headshot

I have better clarity on what my role will be for the second half of my life. I say my life because making a decision to live through sustainability principles imposes sameness on the individual, regardless of disposition. I now speak only one language.

Olufemi Olarewaju Research Fellow, The Center for Public Policy Alternatives Co-Founder, Sustainability School Lagos Lagos, Nigeria

Student Headshot

During the Executive Master’s for Sustainability Leadership program, I learned that sustainability is truly about shared value. In my world of health provider education, it’s about understanding the broader view of healing and knowing and teaching that restorative solutions are possible at all levels, including patient care, population health, costs and especially the life-giving natural world that sustains us.

Denise Kronsteiner Marketing Communications Research Writer ASU College of Health Solutions Tempe, AZ

Student Headshot

The comprehensive curriculum and the supportive relationships in the cohort left me feeling credible and optimistic about leading transformative change in the workplace. The capstone project was a vehicle to building concrete foundations, processes and next steps for furthering sustainable development in the workplace.

Anamica Srinivasaragavan Senior Engineer and Sustainability Program Lead, Bayer HealthCare Berkeley, CA

Headshot of Colleen Mahoney

After running my own architecture and design practice for almost 30 years, I am looking to use my design experience and team building skills in combination with my passion for saving our environment. I intend to continue to develop my capstone project as a nonprofit – “A Kid by Nature” – and will be working to bring conservation, biomimicry, environmental education, sustainability and eco-art into K-12 programs. I look forward to applying all that I have learned through the program!

Colleen Mahoney Founder and Director, A Kid by Nature Berkeley, CA

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