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Careers in Sustainability

Why you should choose a career in sustainability

There is a demand for employees and leaders who know what sustainability is and understand its complexity, understand how to approach problems and solutions, and know how to work with and draw from different disciplines. By engaging a breadth of knowledge and experience, and by acquiring the skills to integrate various domains of knowledge, sustainability students prepare themselves for a variety of careers.

Recent interest in sustainability within business and government has created new employment opportunities – in positions like sustainability coordinators, directors, and managers. School of Sustainability graduates may assume positions in industry, consultancy, utilities, regulatory agencies, nonprofits, governmental agencies and nongovernmental organizations. Graduates are prepared for admission into strong graduate and professional schools.


Where are Our Alumni Now?

Since the School of Sustainability’s inception, our graduates have gone on to new jobs across the nation at a variety of companies, nonprofits, universities, and organizations.

See where they’ve ended up and where you can go

Workshops and Lectures

Our Sustainability After School events are held during spring and fall semesters. The events address what you can do with a sustainability career after graduation and the tools you need in order to get there

alumni employment data

What Can I Do with a Degree in Sustainability?

Students with a sustainability degree have skills that apply to virtually any field or profession, although advanced degrees or certifications may be required for academic or clinical positions. Thinking of pursuing a degree in sustainability? Here are some of the jobs you might consider:

  • Corporate Sustainability/Corporate Social Responsibility (Dell, Nike, REI, Coca-Cola, Intel)
  • Socially Responsible Investing (Vanguard, Fidelity)
  • Research and Development (Argonne National Laboratory, Maplecroft, Globescan)
  • Marketing/Media (Greenbiz, Grist, 3BL, earth911, MSM)
  • Event Planning (Opportunity Green)
  • Stakeholders (BSR, CERES, Net Impact, etc)
  • Consulting (Accenture, Blu Sky Consulting, Green Order, SustainAbility)
  • Policy Makers, Government, and Regulatory Agencies (United Nations, Environmental Protection Agency)
  • NGO (Natural Resource Defense Fund, Greenpeace, Environmental Defense Fund)
  • Other Nonprofit (Global Reporting Initiative, Sierra Club, Americorps, Peace Corps)
  • Education (teaching, research, administration, operations, student affairs)
  • Non-sustainability jobs in Sustainability Companies (Dixon, YouChange)
  • Standards Organizations (UL Environment, Fair Trade, Blue Angel)
  • Waste and Recycling (Waste Management)
  • Fashion and Apparel (Nike, Adidas, American Apparel)
  • Military (US Army Corps of Engineers)
  • Food and Agriculture (Roosevelt Row, local farmer’s markets)
  • Start your own business/nonprofit (Carbon Roots, Ollie the Trolley, Beat Streat)

Job Boards

Among the resources offered by SOS Career Services is a comprehensive listing of websites, job boards and search engines to assist in your job search activity. The sites listed are by their relationship to specific careers: Corporate, Environmental, International, Non Profit, and General (all inclusive). Find a site that is specific to your career aspiration and check listings there.

Sustainability Job Search Resources

Sustainability Career Advising

Still have questions? Contact the School of Sustainability’s advising office to set up individual, one-on-one advising appointments. Our career advisor meets with undergraduates, graduate students, and alumni to discuss career options, provide company and occupational research assistance, labor market information, counsel on job search strategy, and other employment-related topics.