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Director of Environmental, Social & Governance at Leslie’s Inc | Senior Manager of Sustainability & Facilities Services at Subway | Director of Environmental Sustainability at Quest Diagnostics | Federal Funding Implementation Coordinator at Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP)

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Melissa Nelson, Indigenous Sustainability

Do you ever wonder if the answers to our planet’s challenges might be found within the history of the land beneath your feet?

Melissa Nelson, a professor of Indigenous ecology at Arizona State University’s School of Sustainability, is elevating Indigenous sciences and food sovereignty at local, regional and global levels.

Nelson shares sustainable traditions with local communities, helping us create a thriving future for all. You can, too.

Milan Shrestha, climate change adaptation

How would you respond to a melting glacier above your home?

How does our sociocultural and economic background influence how we adapt to climate change?

Milan Shrestha, an environmental anthropologist and sustainability scientist, studies these fundamental questions and more at Arizona State University’s School of Sustainability.

Through his research, Shrestha improves our understanding of how vulnerable populations are responding to environmental change. You can, too.

Kathleen Merrigan, sustainable food systems

Do you ever imagine being a trailblazer writing policy like the law that established national organic standards for our food?

Kathleen Merrigan is the former U.S. Deputy Secretary of Agriculture and a leader in sustainable food systems at Arizona State University’s School of Sustainability.

Merrigan is cultivating the next generation of sustainable agriculture and food policy leaders. You can, too.

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What is sustainability?

“Sustainability is improving human well-being and ensuring social equity for present and future generations while safeguarding the planet’s life-supporting ecosystems.”

Christopher Boone
Professor and founding dean of the College of Global Futures

Learn more about sustainability and how a green degree can impact your career and your world.

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