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SOS 394: Sustainability Research Design and Practice

The Sustainability Undergraduate Research Experience Program at Arizona State University

As a part of the new SURE program, launched in the fall of 2018, sustainability majors can gain research experience and skills by participating in a faculty-supervised research project while simultaneously enrolling in SOS 394. This 3-credit course — offered in the spring term with Professor Kelli Larson — will provide undergraduate students with:

  • Practical experience in developing and answering a research question
  • Research skills including how to effectively communicate sustainability issues
  • Training in designing graphics and visually conveying research results
  • Experience in applying research to practice for evidence-based decision making

Students will gain tangible skills applicable to research, graduate school, and a variety of career paths. The SOS 394 course can be used towards a student’s degree requirements in one of three ways; specifically, they can receive credit for 1) the SOS upper-division elective requirement, 2) the track elective requirement, or 3) the related discipline elective requirement. For the last two options, the research must pertain to the students’ designated track or their related discipline.

How to Get Involved

To take the course, students must apply and be selected by to work on an approved project with a sustainability scientist or scholar. If you are interested in participating, consider taking the 1-credit SOS 294 course, Exploring Sustainability Research, in fall term. You can also send questions and requests to your SOS Advisor by emailing: or email the SURE Director, Professor Kelli Larson at .