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About the Academy

The School of Sustainability Academy is a community of high-achieving, socially embedded undergraduate sustainability students. The Academy fosters academic success, leadership skills, community engagement, persistence to graduate and reaching goals beyond graduation.

There are three levels of the academy:

Level 1: First-Year Students


All new freshmen and transfer undergraduate students admitted to the School of Sustainability automatically enjoy benefits of Academy membership.

To maintain membership in the Academy beyond the first semester, students must meet the eligibility requirements for Level 2 and submit the School of Sustainability Academy Eligibility Application prior to the March 1st deadline for the following academic year.

Benefits may include:

  • The opportunity to live in the Sustainability community housing, which includes the following benefits:
    • Access to SOSRC programming and events
    • Special SOSRC swag
    • In-residence advising dinners
  • Access to special engagements and campus events
  • Participation in Camp SOS
  • Access to special field trips

Level 2: Continuing Students


Continuing students (Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors) may be invited to join the Academy if they meet the eligibility requirements listed below.

(note: the application below is restricted to ASU users and you must be logged into your ASU account before viewing it)

Eligible students must complete the School of Sustainability Academy Eligibility Application prior to March 1st to be considered for the next academic year. Students will receive an email confirming their membership in the Academy for the following year and will be invited to attend an Orientation.

  • Undergraduate Sustainability student
  • High ASU GPA (with at least 12 credit hours completed at ASU)
  • Participation in community service (volunteer opportunities can be found at )
  • Must attend four (4) sustainability lectures/events
  • Demonstrated leadership experience (juniors and seniors)

Maintaining Membership/Annual Review

To maintain membership in the academy, students must complete the School of Sustainability Academy Eligibility Application and meet the Level 2 eligibility requirements by March 1st of each year.

Benefits may include:

All of the benefits of level 1, plus the following benefits may be included for juniors and seniors:

  • Invitation to annual reception
  • Development Challenges including relationship building with faculty, networking with local professionals, and participation in mentorship programs
  • The opportunity to gain additional knowledge, skills, and leadership experience

Level 3: Academy Graduate

Graduate Requirement

  • Must be in the Academy for at least two (2) semesters

Benefits may include:

  • Special recognition at convocation