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Study abroad courses provide you with the opportunity to apply classroom learning in a global context. Through these programs, you will witness and learn about sustainability principles and solutions in community, urban, and political settings on an international scale.

Each trip is led by faculty from the School of Sustainability along with local expert partners. Program cohorts are limited to small groups of 15-20 students, creating a close-knit learning community.

ASU and the School of Sustainability are currently moving forward with a number of spring and summer 2023 study abroad programs in destinations where student mobility from the United States remains possible. ASU takes guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the U.S. Department of State and our international security intelligence providers. When making decisions about specific programs, we also consider local conditions as well as input from peer institutions and our overseas partners.

Summer study abroad programs, but not Global Intensive Experiences (GIEs), are eligible for the Walton Global Sustainability Studies scholarship.

The following programs are expected to take place in 2023:

Spring and post-spring 2023 programs (GIE)

Ecuador: Indigenous Sustainability in the Amazon

Hawaii: Getting to 100%: The Promise and Challenge of Renewables in Hawaii(Not eligible for the Walton Global Sustainability Studies Scholarship.)

Summer 2022 programs

Coming soon.

Walton Global Sustainability Studies Scholarships

The Walton Global Sustainability Studies Scholarship, founded by Rob and Melani Walton via a grant from the Rob and Melani Walton Foundation, provides, on a competitive basis, scholarship awards of $1,000 to a limited number of qualified students enrolled in School of Sustainability summer study abroad courses and $500 to a limited number of students enrolled in summer study abroad courses cross-listed with a SOS pre-fix. To learn more about the scholarship visit: Walton Global Sustainability Studies Scholarship

ASU Study Abroad Office

The ASU Study Abroad Office (SAO) administers programs in over 55 countries, totaling more than 250 different programs. Students can study abroad during the summer term, fall semester, spring semester or full academic year. In addition, Global Intensive Experiences (GIE) offer shorter programs over spring and winter breaks. Sustainability study abroad programs offered through the ASU Study Abroad Office in conjunction with the Global Sustainability Studies Program can be found above.

ASU U.S. Passport Acceptance Office

U.S. Passport Acceptance Office at ASU is designated as an official passport application acceptance facility. It provides services to the ASU community of students and employees, and to the greater Phoenix area. The U.S. Passport Acceptance Office will accept your completed passport application and forward it to the U.S. Department of State, Passport Services section, for an issuance determination.

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If you have specific questions about our study abroad programs please contact:

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