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ProMod: Project-Based, Modular Learning

ProMod: Project-Based, Modular Learning

ProMod: Project-Based, Modular Learning

What is ProMod?

sustainability minor

ProMod is a one-of-a-kind program at Arizona State University that allows students to work closely with faculty and peers by engaging in projects that apply their learning to real-world situations.

Through this innovative program, students earn credits that satisfy their general studies and degree requirements. But more importantly, they gain real-world experience and develop a deep understanding of the course material.

The Sustainability ProMod offers projects for freshman ASU students. Projects vary by semester.

The Freshman Project

Freshman students who enroll in the Fall Sustainability ProMod program will work together with the Tempe Academy of International Studies to address local food systems and health issues. Students will assist the academy with the development of its garden – helping it to secure funding and begin implementation of the initiative.

Tasks may include team coordination; planning and running meetings; developing informational materials; creating, presenting and implementing strategies; as well as evaluation and reporting.

Students in the freshmen sustainability project will attend field trips and conduct fieldwork with various policymakers, farmers, educators, students and families at the selected school site. These experiences will create opportunities for students to work in teams, engage with stakeholders and apply their learning in real-world situations.

Fall Freshman Courses

  • SOS 101 – Introduction to Applied Mathematics for the Life and Social Sciences (3)
  • SOS 111 – Sustainable Cities (3)
  • ENG 105 – Advanced First-Year Composition (3)
  • ASU 101-SOS – The ASU Experience (1)*
  • ASU 140-SOS – Local Food Systems and Schools (1)*

* Course or section for ProMod students only.

In consultation with their advisor, students may also enroll in non-ProMod courses. To enroll in the ProMod program or for more information, contact the advisor at Deadline to enroll is August 16, 2017.