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Student research

Student research

Student research

School of Sustainability student research

Research is a key component of any sustainability degree. The nation’s first School of Sustainability offers students at every academic level the opportunity to work collaboratively across disciplines.

By applying classroom concepts to real-world scenarios, sustainability students find solutions to pressing environmental, economic and social challenges. Explore the resources and tips below, and align your passion with one of the many projects our faculty and graduate students lead.

Exploring sustainability research opportunities

Sustainability students researching materialsResearch opportunities exist with and .

Find what interests you. Popular research themes range from biodiversity to business, and can be found using the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability’s .

Subscribe to the , attend , and read the weekly newsletters emailed to sustainability undergraduate and graduate students for additional research opportunities.

ASU News also serves as a current source of new and ongoing green research projects. Join a student association or national association for your area of interest – whether it is environmental engineering, ecotourism or another green field – and attend a conference for further collaboration opportunities. Often, associations and conferences have special low rates for students.

For more information, further explore:

ASU is one of the fastest-growing
research universities

ASU has emerged as one of the fastest-growing research universities among those with $100 million+ in annual research expenditures—ahead of Harvard, Yale, Duke and others. source:

ASU conducts use-inspired research, developing practical solutions to pressing environmental, economic, and social challenges of sustainability, especially as they relate to urban areas.

research expenditure growth chart

ASU is designed for discovery