Student clubs and organizations

Student clubs and organizations

The School of Sustainability encourages its students to get involved on campus and in the community by joining one (or more) of the 500+ clubs and student organizations at ASU.

Participating in a club at ASU offers students the opportunity to meet new people, gain leadership experience, participate in community service and enhance their overall experience at ASU.

Browse a comprehensive list of all ASU clubs and organizations representing academic and non-academic student interests.

Sustainability clubs and organizations

The School of Sustainability supports a number of clubs and organizations specific to our Students in our majors.


The School of Sustainability undergraduate ambassadors are student leaders who assist in recruitment and retention efforts for the School. The ambassadors represent the student perspective to future students, parents and the community at-large. They also serve as resources to current sustainability students and help connect these students to the School through programs and events. Interviews for ambassador positions are conducted in late fall. Students interested should watch for the call for applications in the School of Sustainability weekly e-newsletter. A list of current ambassadors can be found at School of Sustainability Ambassadors.


The School of Sustainability Academy is a community of high-achieving, socially embedded sustainability students. The academy fosters academic success, leadership skills, community engagement, and persistence to graduate and reach goals beyond graduation. Academy experiences are available to all first-year students, and require membership eligibility and renewal to continue participation. Additional information can be found at School of Sustainability Undergraduate Academy.


The Sustainabilibuddies Peer Mentor Program is coordinated by a group of upper division School of Sustainability students in order to provide friendship, mentorship and peer-to-peer resource sharing to our first-year students. Returning students are connected with new students based on academic interests, personal hobbies and mutual passions in order to establish a peer support network. Incoming students will learn more about the opportunity to participate during the Academic Advising & Course Planning Session of the New Student Experience (ASU new student orientation).

College Council

The Global Futures College Council works to foster a greater sense of community within the College of Global Futures. By implementing a number of social engagement opportunities, the College Council strives to build a meaningful connection between our students and the College of Global Futures, the ASU campus and the greater Valley community. Through collaboration with our faculty and staff, College Council aims to enhance faculty-student relations and represent our student body to the Undergraduate Student Government and to the College. Membership is open to all College of Global Futures undergraduate students, and elections for leadership positions are held at the end of the fall semester.

Honor Society for Sustainability

The Honor Society for Sustainability is a network of sustainability scholars that have demonstrated academic excellence and are committed to solving global sustainability challenges. The Honor Society for Sustainability has two primary goals for its members: to give back to the community through service, and to provide pre-professional development opportunities through guest speakers, networking mixers with alumni and business representatives, and faculty engagement. Two $500 scholarships awards are also available each year to Honor Society members. The Honor Society for Sustainability is open to undergraduate sustainability majors, graduate students and other students with sustainability concentrations.

Campus Student Sustainability Initiatives

Campus Student Sustainability Initiatives (CSSI) fosters student engagement in sustainability within the ASU community, and provides and promotes opportunities for its members to get involved with campus sustainability initiatives. CSSI is open to students of any major with an interest in learning about sustainability and working on campus projects.

Green Greeks

Green Greeks is an organization designed to increase a culture of sustainability within Greek organizations by connecting students and the surrounding community, inspiring student-led ideas, and channeling university resources to benefit sustainability initiatives. Events include educational community engagement, group hiking cleanups and integration of sustainable practices into Greek events. We seek to be inclusive by expanding our club to all facets of Greek life including multicultural and professional fraternities and sororities.

Green Light Solutions

Creating sustainable business solutions through student-led projects. GreenLight Solutions Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that creates experiential learning opportunities for university students by connecting them with local organizations to collaborate on sustainability projects. GLS recruits purpose driven students and connects them with businesses, then they work together to design, plan and execute a sustainability project using a proprietary project process. Students become Solutioneers by engineering solutions for organizations during their time spent in GreenLight university chapters. Solutioneers graduate with the relevant hands-on experience necessary to catalyze meaningful change throughout their professional careers.

Sustainability Review

The Sustainability Review (tSR) strives to communicate sustainability science and practice to a diverse audience through monthly features, special pieces and peer-reviewed science videos using a variety of media. The Sustainability Review especially focuses on the video format to best capture and share the images, concepts and ideas of sustainability research for the modern world. Students can learn more about tSR’s innovative multimedia approach to sustainability communications, pitch a story idea or inquire about joining the staff.

Resources provided to student clubs and organizations at ASU

Educational Outreach and Student Services (EOSS) provides support and resources to officially established clubs, including:

  • Workshops: topics include event planning, fundraising and money management, leadership, and professional development
  • Funds for marketing materials
  • Equipment rental
  • University event venue and classroom use
  • Use of outdoor lawn/mall spaces
  • Sun Devil Sync portal access

School of Sustainability groups also have the ability to reserve space in the College of Global Futures Undergraduate Student Space.


There are many more opportunities to get connected. If you have specific questions, please email [email protected].