Mentorship opportunities

Mentorship is a valuable education and career development experience for both mentors and mentees. School of Sustainability students and alumni have a variety of mentorship opportunities available to them.



Sustainabilibuddies is an undergraduate peer-to-peer mentor program coordinated by a group of upper-class sustainability students in order to provide friendship, mentorship, and peer-to-peer resource sharing to our first-year School of Sustainability students.

Upperclassmen are connected with first year students based on academic interests, personal hobbies and mutual passions in order to establish a peer support network for first-year students.

School of Sustainability Job Shadow Program

The School of Sustainability Alumni Job Shadow Program offers local School of Sustainability students a hands-on look into what their future might hold with a career in sustainability. The Job Shadow Program gives current students the opportunity to interact with and shadow a School of Sustainability alumnus for a day. The program offered each fall and spring semester provides students with insight into not only future career possibilities, but also into the world of professionalism, networking, and higher education. Information about this opportunity is advertised through the School of Sustainability Undergraduate Newsletter and the School of Sustainability Alumni Newsletter.

Frasier Global Mentorship Program

The Frasier Global Mentorship Program provides School of Sustainability undergraduate students an immersive, high–impact experience that fosters global perspective and a broader context of sustainability.

Over the course of one semester, selected mentees will cultivate a relationship with their mentor and strengthen their career readiness skills such as: oral and written communication, time management, teamwork and collaboration, digital technology, professionalism, and problem solving…all while exploring challenges and opportunities related to sustainability professions in the global context.

The program will culminate in an immersive on-site experience, providing students an in-depth learning opportunity with their mentor and host organization. Cost associated with travel and accommodation are supported by the Frasier Global Mentorship Program.

ASU Mentor Network

Arizona State University students and alumni now have access to a powerful online and in-person network of diverse mentors. Joining and engaging with the ASU Mentor Network enables students and alumni to build connections with other alumni and non-alumni professionals, both local and global.


There are many opportunities to get connected. If you have specific questions, please email [email protected]