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Undergraduate Advising

Undergraduate student services and advising

Sustainability students meet with advisors in The College of Global Futures student services office, which provides quality academic advising and support services to promote student success.

To schedule an appointment for academic advising, career advising, or internship and experiential advising, use the button below.

Appointments are available via Zoom and phone. In-person appointments at the Polytechnic and Tempe campuses are available upon request; please call (480) 727-6963.

Visit campus

If you would like to visit campus and take a tour of ASU, please start here.

Office hours

Monday – Friday (excluding university holidays) 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Located on the first floor of Wrigley Hall (WGHL) on the Tempe campus.

Directions and where to park.

We require students to make an appointment so time can be set aside to answer their questions. Please have your 10 digit ASU ID number available.

Drop-in advising

Wednesdays, 9:00 a.m. – noon (Arizona standard time), via Zoom

Drop-in advising is available via Zoom on a first-come, first-served basis. To access drop-in advising, click this link You will be directed to a virtual waiting room, and the advisor on call will be with you as soon as possible. Students will be seen in the order they enter the waiting room.

Drop-in advising is for quick questions (typically 5-10 minutes). The advisors will help students with complicated situations to schedule a follow-up appointment if more time is needed.


Drop-in meetings end at noon. Those accessing the Zoom link between 11:30 – noon may be asked to schedule an appointment, depending on the number of students still waiting.

Drop-in hours can be canceled at the last minute in the event of advisor absence. Drop-in cancellations will be communicated the morning of, via ASU email.

Contact us

Student Services Center
Wrigley Hall (WGHL), Suite 108

Current undergraduate students: [email protected]

Future undergraduate students: [email protected]

Other inquiries: [email protected]

Your advisors

Hannah Hewitt, [email protected]
Academic Success Advisor

Sheryl Nelson, [email protected]
Academic Success Advisor

Elisha Thompson, [email protected]
Academic Success Coordinator

Beth Volker, [email protected]
Assistant Director, Undergraduate Academic Services

Students are encouraged to meet with their assigned undergraduate advisor at least once each semester. New students are required to meet with an advisor before being cleared to enroll in classes. Continuing students are encouraged to meet with an advisor at least once each semester.

If you have a quick question, you can email [email protected].

Please provide your 10-digit ASU ID.

Be prepared when meeting with or contacting an advisor. For example, have your ASU ID with you, make a list of questions, and review your unofficial transcript and/or your Degree Audit Report (DARS) through MyASU. Know why you want to meet with an advisor and prepare necessary materials for the meeting. If you are a transfer student, please come prepared with information about your transfer coursework. It is recommended that you also have something with which to take notes.

Undergraduate advising philosophy

Our goal is to assist students in achieving their personal, educational, and career goals while becoming self directed, life-long learners.

As your academic advisors, we are here to:

  • Help you navigate your undergraduate education at ASU.
  • Assist you in setting achievable academic and career goals.
  • Facilitate your understanding of university, College of Global Futures, and School of Sustainability academic requirements, policies and procedures.
  • Teach you how to find available resources both inside and outside of ASU that will enhance your education.
  • Assist you in identifying other experiences that will strengthen your ability to obtain your goals.
  • Evaluate your progress toward degree completion.

Responsibility of the advisee

Students have responsibilities when it comes to the advising they receive as undergraduates in our programs.

  • Obtain and utilize the appropriate information needed to assume final responsibility for your own course scheduling, program planning, and successful completion of degree program requirements.
  • Learn the university, college, and school policies, procedures, and guidelines.
  • Learn and understand the requirements for your degree and major.
  • Be prepared when meeting with or contacting an advisor.
  • Seek assistance and resources for all aspects of your undergraduate experience, not just when you encounter a problem.
  • Consult with your academic advisor regularly, or at least once each semester.