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Internship Forms

School of Sustainability Internship Forms

For the Sustainability Internship Provider

  1. Community Partner Guide  – This guide provides you with the necessary tools to confidently hire and manage interns from the School of Sustainability.

  2. ASU Student Placement Agreement  – This Student Placement Agreement is entered into between the Arizona Board of Regents for and on behalf of Arizona State University.

  3. Employer Internship Description Form  – Please complete the form to request that an internship opportunity be posted for sustainability students. If you already have an internship description written up that contains this information, you can send it in lieu of this form. Please make sure to include any information from the form not already in your description.

For the School of Sustainability Student:

  1. Undergraduate Internship Handbook  – This handbook serves as a guide for School of Sustainability (SOS) undergraduate students who are participating in the School of Sustainability Internship Program. The handbook outlines the requirements, processes, and expectations of the Internship Program.

  2. Undergraduate Internship Agreement  – This form provides acknowledgement of Undergraduate Internship Expectations.

  3. Graduate Internship Agreement  – This form provides acknowledgement of Graduate Internship Expectations.

  4. Creating Your Own Internship  – This form is provided if you prefer to identify an organization that fits your academic and professional goals, but does not already have an internship established with the School of Sustainability. You will need to provide all of the documentation about the internship and the organization.