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Honor Society for Sustainability

Join the Honor Society for Sustainability


The mission of the Honor Society for Sustainability is to foster a network of sustainability scholars who have demonstrated academic excellence and are committed to solving global challenges of sustainability.


We envision a future where sustainable practices are a reality in global society. Through personal responsibility and commitment, we will further economic development, advance social justice, and foster environmental stewardship.

Our actions will transform the future.


  1. Foster a network of sustainability scholars – including undergraduates, graduates, alumni, and professionals – and empower them for success.
  2. Recognize notable achievements that advance sustainability.
  3. Stimulate a dialogue that frames complex issues in sustainable terms.
  4. Achieve widespread application of sustainable principles.
  5. Contribute to the lives of others in a meaningful way.


  • 30+ undergraduate credit hours
  • 9+ completed hours in sustainability
  • 3.52 GPA minimum
  • Business Sustainability or Sustainability major


  • Undergraduate students
  • Graduate students
  • Alumni