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Field Trip

Bringing the World In

Field Trip

students-standing-on-mountain-top-at-sunsetIn this experience, students visit a location as a group or in pairs to experience real-world contexts and perspectives relevant to sustainability problems and solutions. The experience immerses students in a specific place, giving them the opportunity to learn about it firsthand rather than through another medium like documentary or panel presentations and to observe and interact with stakeholders in context.

Example Learning Outcome: Interpersonal Competencies

Examine how “senses of place” does or can contribute to understanding sustainability problems or inform solution options.

Contemplative Walk at Agave Farms by the Museum of Walking

Featured Real-World Example

Contemplative Walk at Agave Farms by the Museum of Walking.

Participants are guided through an urban community garden, reflecting on the relationship between the land and the people who eat the produce it provides.


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