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Bringing the World In


image of the back of a girls head who is watching televisionIn this experience, students watch a documentary in place of a regular lecture. Documentaries engage all of the senses. Their narrative format immerses students in a place and introduces them to multiple facets of – and perspectives on – sustainability problems and solutions. Documentaries can evoke empathy and illustrate complex concepts and issues that are difficult to adequately address in class lectures. They also provide real-world cases to practice problem framing and solution evaluation.

Example Learning Outcome: Strategic Thinking

Evaluate solution options presented in the documentary, considering whether or not they adequately address the sustainability problem.

Featured Real-World Example

Camels Don’t Fly, Deserts Don’t Bloom

One hundred miles west of Phoenix, a Saudi-Arabian owned farming operation grows hay year-round in the desert. Why Arizona? And what does this mean for the future of water resources in the state? Seven students from Arizona State University follow the story, under the direction of Peter Byck (Carbon Nation).

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