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Collaborative Project

Engaging with the World

Collaborative Research Project

business men and women in a high rise officeIn this experience, students work in teams to design and conduct original research that addresses a sustainability problem and produces novel knowledge or other outputs, ideally in collaboration with community partners. This experience challenges students to take responsibility for self-directing learning and managing work in a team and helps them develop teamwork, project management, and stakeholder engagement skills. The group dimension allows students to take on bigger, more complex projects because of more human power and variety of interests and expertise and also provides opportunities for peer learning. The experience can produce valuable outputs for a community partner and products and experience that students can use to market themselves in job interviews and other application.

Example Learning Outcome: Future Thinking

Anticipate potential challenges or gaps in knowledge that need to be filled in order to complete project.

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Featured Real-World Example

The Sustainability and Happiness Research Lab at ASU

The Happiness Lab combines knowledge, methods and practice from many fields of research to develop strategies and interventions for moving toward a sustainable and happy future. They seek to promote alternative pathways toward sustainability via participatory processes and a realignment of societal values to enhance overall happiness outcomes.


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