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Study Abroad

Faculty Responsibilities for Listing Courses and Planning

School of Sustainability Policy:

“The primary responsibility of faculty, staff and other instructors when teaching School of Sustainability courses in international or out-of-state locations is our students’ health and safety. Therefore, the School of Sustainability prohibits family and friends (not enrolled in the course) from participating in study abroad activities, but does not forbid family and friends from accompanying faculty in these settings.”

Getting Your SA Course on the Schedule for Students to Enroll:

We need this info to ensure your global courses are properly listed in the School of Sustainability’s course schedule:

  • Title of course.
  • Is your program summer study abroad or GIE?
  • Inclusive dates of your summer SA or GIE.
  • Any connected courses, prerequisites, prep courses etc.
  • # credits for each course—pre, summer/GIE.
  • SOS ###
  • Max # seats available
  • Crosslistings, if any, e.g. does your course include both grad and undergrad sections? Cross-list with other units? (All Study Abroad experiences must be cross-listed with an o-course so that online students can also apply and enroll.)
  • Important: Summary course description. (You can cut/paste this from the proposal you submitted to SAO re. Section 3: Program Narrative)

ASU and SOS Study Abroad Resources