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Honors Contracts

Many instructors opt to offer their course for honors credit. These courses are advertised within the Barrett Honors College. Please contact if you have any questions.

The primary purpose of the Honors Enrichment Contract is to give students and faculty the opportunity to interact about challenging academic issues. Students and faculty should feel free to design an agreement in addition to general course expectations that is tailored to the specifics of their interaction, the expected work, and the course. Both faculty and students should be able to benefit from the .

The below attachments from the Barrett Honors College provide useful information about various avenues for working with some of the best undergrads on campus!

The Honors Contracts documents might be especially useful as guidelines and example projects for engaging students in Honors Contracts in your courses.

Also, the Bidstrup Fellowship Award provides up to $2000 for HON students to do research with a faculty member. Note, the student must have financial need, though this is not clearly defined in the application form.

Honors Enrichment Contract Guidelines Guidelines for students and faculty related to honors enrichment contracts.

Examples of Honors Enrichment Contracts Fall 17 Contains examples of honors enrichment contract agreements between students and faculty.

Developing Honors Courses A guide on requesting honors courses.