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Course Scheduling

Data Entry Deadlines

It is important to plan early for courses that need to be included in the schedule. Below are dates when the School submits its course schedule to the university:

  • Summer – Course information due by August 15
  • Fall – Course information due by October 15
  • Spring – Course information due by May 15

Information Required in Order to Schedule a Course:

  1. Course Title
  2. Class Type (seminar, workshop, special topic, capstone)
  3. Graduate/Undergraduate
  4. Enrollment Capacity
  5. Semester, Session A (1st), B (2nd) or C (full semester)
  6. Preferred Days and Times
  7. Short Course Description
  8. If undergraduate, are you offering Honors Contracts? (more information on Honors contracts to follow)
  9. Any specific room arrangement or media needs (student computers, microphone, etc.)

E-mail the course scheduler at .

Day/Time Restrictions

The University has strict guidelines on when courses can be scheduled in order to maximize classroom space. We will do our best to accommodate your request, but it is not guaranteed. The available time frames for a three credit hour course are below.

Standard Time Periods – Fall and Spring

Up to Fall 2020-

Beginning Spring 2021-

** Please note that once the course schedule has been returned to the School with rooms department, we will likely not be able to move classrooms. Specific course needs for space should be submitted to the course scheduler prior to the Data Entry Deadline for that semester (see above). We must adhere to the university’s guidelines in order to obtain a classroom for a course.

Course Numbering

Lower-Division Courses – Lower-division courses, numbered from 100 to 299, are designed primarily for freshmen and sophomores

Upper-Division Courses – Upper-division courses, numbered from 300 to 499, are designed primarily for juniors and seniors. Prerequisites and
other restrictions should be noted before registration.

Graduate-Level Courses – Graduate-level courses, numbered from 500 to 799, are designed primarily for graduate students. However, an upper-division undergraduate student may enroll in these courses with the approval of the student’s advisor, course instructor, department chair and dean of the college in which a course is offered.

More information on course numbering and classification is located here: