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Academic Integrity Information for Instructors

The School of Sustainability takes academic integrity seriously and encourages instructors to 1) create and maintain a learning environment that supports academic integrity and 2) report all academic integrity violations as soon as they arise.

Creating a Learning Environment that Supports Academic Integrity

Instructors play a key role in maintaining a learning environment that supports academic integrity. There are a number of that are available to instructors. The School’s instructional designers can also assist with strategies that can be used to help prevent academic integrity violations.

Reporting Academic Integrity Violations

The School of Sustainability investigates all reports of alleged violations to the university’s (see student obligations). Instructors should report academic integrity violations through the .

The instructor should withhold a grade for any assessment in question and communicate to the student what they believe has occurred and that they are reporting the matter to the School of Sustainability Academic Integrity Officer. Students should proceed with any remaining required coursework for the course.

Shortly after a report is submitted via the online form, the instructor will be contacted by the School’s to discuss the situation. The Academic Integrity Officer is familiar with the policy and can assist with the next steps. In short, the officer will work to gain a better understanding of the situation, make sure all documentation is collected and help determine if it supports the allegation, communicate information about the alleged report with the student, allowing them to ask questions and provide more information, assist with determining what the sanction should be, communicating the sanction to the student, which also provides an opportunity for the student to appeal. If a hearing is needed, the School of Sustainability Academic Integrity Officer will assist with organizing the hearing. Sometimes hearings involve the instructor, but many times they do not.