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The Inline Grader Tool

New: The Inline Grader Tool
UTO clarification message:
I wanted to clear up some misunderstandings around the new Inline Grader tool and clarify that ASU did not have a choice when it came to the change. The technology that previously facilitated inline grading was called “Crocodoc”. Crocodoc was purchased by a company called, and Box announced end-of-life for the Crocodoc product on January 16th, 2018. As such our choice was to either proceed with no inline grader, or upgrade to the “New Box View” (NBV) inline grading.

This said, you are not alone if you are not happy with the new tool. Instructors from around the world have been complaining about NBV – and if you feel strongly about this I encourage you to voice your opinion and vote on proposed feature requests. You can do this at:

NOTE: This is the general site for all feedback to Blackboard, but the top 12 issues are around the New Box View inline grader, and the proposed features are open for voting.

As always, when we learn about new issues we add them to our “Known Issues” page at:

If you need assistance our 24/7 Help Center is available to you and your students

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In Blackboard, click on the HELP tab
Click the Live Chat option
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Ruvi Wijesuriya M.Ed.
Director, Academic Technologies
University Technology Office
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