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Graduate research

Graduate research

Graduate research

Graduate student research

Explore sustainability research opportunities

Sustainability student working in a lab researching locusts

The School of Sustainability is a unit of ASU’s Wrigley Institute, a highly productive environmental research enterprise.

Sustainability graduate students are actively engaged in all of our research efforts and resulting publications. If you are looking to get involved, here are some tips and resources to get you started.

Sustainability professors lead several National Science Foundation grants, as well as many other interdisciplinary research grants on issues ranging from climate to alternative energy.

  • Consult with your faculty mentor, chair or advisor. Visit ASU’s Wrigley Institute’s research browsing tool and explore the resources below. If you are trying to identify a faculty advisor or committee member, please read through the Graduate Handbook for your particular program carefully to identify who is approved to serve in this capacity.

  • You are also encouraged to discuss ideas or opportunities for research in the Community of Graduate Scholars course or with your School of Sustainability graduate representatives.

  • Contact faculty whose projects interest you, and express your desire to get involved. Most research assistantship opportunities come about through networking with faculty and are not advertised widely.

  • Read emails that come through the graduate student listserv – sometimes research opportunities are shared with sustainability students this way.

  • Get involved with sustainability internships, study abroad possibilities, green student organizations and other activities. By getting involved, you are more likely to form friendships that may lead to future research partnerships.

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If you have specific questions about programming related to graduate sustainability research, contact us.