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As a global leader and innovator in sustainability research and education – and the first degree-granting sustainability school in the U.S. – the School of Sustainability leverages more than 550 world-renowned scientists, scholars and practitioners from a variety of disciplines to create comprehensive learning programs beyond the traditional university classroom.

Sustainability Strategist Snippets

How is sustainability linked to environmental racism and social justice? How can sustainability professionals help eliminate institutional racism? Dr. George Brooks Jr. with NxT Horizon Group shares insights, lessons, and tips from his experience in the local food system. Sustainability Strategist Snippets is a new video series that features environmental experts sharing their wisdom with the world in short question and answer format. View our full library of Snippets, and reach out to Ryan Mores for more information.

Custom programs for organizations

To pursue a “triple bottom line” – people, planet and profit – sustainability must be integrated into an organization’s operations and culture. Whether you need to educate a small core of executives in a one-day or multi-day retreat, or train hundreds of employees through an online course, ASU’s School of Sustainability has the ability to deliver a custom program that can integrate sustainability and systems thinking.

We have worked with business, government, nongovernmental organizations, foundations and other universities throughout the world, and we can develop and deliver custom executive education programs that advance your organizational sustainability goals.

  • Programs range from hour-long online modules to multi-day live instruction on specific sustainability issues.
  • In-person training can be delivered at your location, on any ASU campus in Arizona, or at our ASU properties in Washington D.C. and Los Angeles.
  • Online training can be delivered through ASU’s online learning platform or your organization’s internal technology.
  • Sustainability faculty from ASU, leaders from your organization, and outside experts can all be included in your agenda.
  • Each program is built with expert assessment and instructional design on the front end, as well as in-depth evaluation after it has concluded, so you can measure the sustainability advancements in your organization.

Interested in sustainability training customized to advance your organization’s unique goals? We can help. Reach out to Ryan Johnson or Ryan Mores.

Ryan Johnson
Executive Director, Executive and Professional Education, School of Sustainability, College of Global Futures

Ryan Mores
Senior Program Coordinator, Executive and Professional Education, School of Sustainability

July newsletter on Sustainable Earth, green recovery, and more

July newsletter on Sustainable Earth, green recovery, and more

In our July Sustainability Strategist newsletter, we highlight our interview with Dr. George Brooks Jr. where he shares insights, lessons, and tips on the link between environmental racism and social justice, and provides solutions to solve systemic issues. View the full newsletter in your browser. 

June newsletter on social justice and sustainability

June newsletter on social justice and sustainability

In our June Sustainability Strategist newsletter, we highlight the interconnection between social justice and sustainability, introduce our new Sustainability Strategist Snippets video series, and the launch of a free, online learning portal - Sustainable Earth. "Sustainability is founded on the principles of social justice..." ASU School of Sustainability Dean Chris Boone connects the dots between sustainability and...

The sustainability opportunity for business professionals

The sustainability opportunity for business professionals

Most people are experiencing the concept of sustainability in a gloom-and-doom context of seemingly insurmountable global challenges like plastic pollution in the ocean and climate change. Today, however, sustainability strategies are smart business: They reduce cost through efficiency, increase revenue, and help organizations come out on top in the talent war. The Sustainability Opportunity is an...