Master’s International Program

Students can now pursue an MA or MS in Sustainability and participate in the Master’s International Peace Corps Program , which integrates graduate study with an international development field experience.


Make a Difference and Earn Academic Credit

After completing required coursework for the master’s program and receiving a Peace Corps placement, student volunteers will travel to the respective sites to begin training. Once overseas, they are given an assignment according to the needs and requests of the host country. While overseas, the student volunteer’s primary responsibility is the project and community to which they have been assigned. Students can earn up to 6 credit hours of independent study (that can be used towards Electives or Thesis/Non-Thesis requirements) while abroad completing their Peace Corps assignment.

Credit is earned through a project or thesis topic that is developed out of work that the student is doing and must be approved and supervised by the student’s supervisory committee and Peace Corps staff. After completing their service, the student returns having two years of hands-on experience that will contribute to their thesis or non-thesis project, and the student completes the last of their requirements for the program.

Application Process

Students must first apply and be admitted to a School of Sustainability master’s program (following the School of Sustainability’s graduate application and admission requirements). The master’s programs in sustainability not only build on the skills generated by discipline-based study, but make it possible to address the linkages between people and their social, natural, and built environments. Students work on real-world challenges making the School of Sustainability an ideal context in which to pursue the Peace Corps program. After being admitted, students can submit their application to the Peace Corps .


For inquiries about overall Master’s International program, please contact the Peace Corps regional office at 800-424-8580.

Questions about the Master’s International option within the MA and MS in Sustainability can be directed to the School of Sustainability at or 480-727-6963.