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This professional certificate program will be 100% online and led by Hylke Faber, transformational coach and facilitator and author of the award winning business leadership book Taming Your Crocodiles, along with Professor George Basile, who is also an instructional lead for ASU’s Executive Master of Sustainability Leadership (EMSL) program. Sessions will feature experts from industry as well as the ASU College of Global Futures and the ASU School of Sustainability.

The interactive learning program – including faculty and small team interactions – will require 3-4 hours of your time per week for six consecutive weeks. This program will leverage ASU’s decade of experience as a global leader and innovator in online education to create a truly unique online professional development opportunity.

This course will not be a doom-and-gloom treatment of climate change, but instead an uplifting exploration of how individuals and organizations can reorient toward positive action for the planet.

Participants will leave with a certificate from ASU and a professional cohort of peers that will form their new climate leaders network. The program also creates a pathway for networking and activities after the initial six week course.

Program outcomes

This course will help participants evolve into organizational climate leaders. Learners will:

  1. Become aware of both their own and their organization’s privilege and responsibility in addressing climate change, from an evolved, integrated consciousness perspective;
  2. Enhance their aptitude for connectedness with our planet in their day-to-day leadership;
  3. Learn to challenge and evolve the collective and our own stories that shape our ability to be impactful climate change leaders;
  4. Experience a community among the cohort to support each other’s personal and organizational journey to address climate change;
  5. Seed ideas on how to address climate change as conscious leaders and influencers in organizations and the broader society;
  6. Learn practical tools to practice day-to-day climate and sustainability leadership and how to influence and coach others.

Session topics

  • Session 1: How can we use our cognitive dissonance to find our place as climate leaders?
  • Session 2: What is the story about climate change that we are telling ourselves? What would be a new, more constructive one?
  • Session 3: How does our current economic system contribute to climate change? How can we interact differently with this system and change it from the inside out?
  • Session 4: How can business lead the way to sustainability?
  • Session 5: Who are the pioneers leading the way to addressing climate change, and what do they see as the next opportunity for us all?
  • Session 6: How can individuals inside of organizations become leaders for climate change? What are the unique leadership qualities and skills required for conscious, climate change leaders?