Conscious Climate Leadership: Frequently asked questions

  1. When will the next Climate Conscious Leadership program begin?
    Our next program will be in 2024. If you have additional questions that are not answered on this website, please send an email to [email protected].
  2. Will I be interacting with ASU faculty?
    Yes, you will be interacting with Hylke Faber, author and leadership coach, and Dr. George Basile of ASU’s School of Sustainability, as well as learning from industry leaders and practitioners.
  3. Who will be attending?
    Mid-career professionals who are interested in or have responsibility for sustainability, ESG, and CSR responsibility in large and small companies, non-profit organizations, and in the government sector. These individuals will form the cohort of peers that will serve as your new professional network for sustainability and climate issues.
  4. What is the curriculum for this program?
    The six module curriculum was developed by the program faculty based on their real-world consulting experience with large and small companies, and with individuals in professional roles who are dealing with climate issues. The six modules are: Module 1: How can we use our cognitive dissonance to find our place as climate leaders? Module 2: What is the story about climate change that we are telling ourselves? What would be a new, more constructive one? Module 3: How does our current economic system contribute to climate change? How can we interact differently with this system and change it from the inside out? Module 4: How can business lead the way to sustainability? Module 5: Who are the pioneers leading the way to addressing climate change, and what do they see as the next opportunity for us all? Module 6: How can individuals become leaders for climate change? What are the unique leadership qualities and skills required for conscious, climate change leaders?
  5. How will this online certificate program be delivered?
    This professional program will leverage ASU’s expertise in online learning through a portal that combines synchronous and asynchronous learning. You will be able to connect and engage with faculty and your fellow participants through the online learning portal.
  6. Do I need to pay ASU tuition to take this course?
    No, enrollment in this course does not require that you pay ASU tuition. There are no additional fees above the prices listed on the registration page.
  7. Do you offer a scholarship to cover the cost of this course?
    No, scholarship funds are not available for this accelerated certificate program. To make enrollment accessible to the highest number of people, this program has been designed to minimize the cost to all participants. All reading materials and meals are included in the cost of the program. We are happy to work with employers to provide any documentation necessary should this be covered as part of your professional development.
  8. Do I need to enroll as an ASU student to take this course?
    No, you do not need to enroll as an ASU student to enroll in this course. There are no prerequisite courses and no GRE exam is required.
  9. Can the professional certificate be applied toward an ASU degree?
    Participants who complete this program will be awarded a professional certificate through Arizona State University’s School of Sustainability. As this is not a for-credit program, it cannot be applied toward a degree. It does, however, give you a sampling of the content you would encounter in ASU’s Master of Sustainability Leadership or Executive Master of Sustainability Leadership.
  10. Do I need to pass an exam to get the certificate?
    No, you do not need to take an exam. You will earn the professional certificate through your participation and engagement with preeminent sustainability practitioners and scholars who will share real-world case studies and teach you a number of important tools you can immediately use in your workplace.
  11. Am I required to purchase textbooks?
    In an effort to make this course accessible to a range of working professionals, there will be no textbooks required. All supplemental materials will be provided virtually and are included in the course registration fees.

If you have additional questions, contact [email protected] or call 480-965-2976.