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Changing majors at ASU

Changing majors at ASU

Changing majors at ASU

Changing majors
(for current ASU students)

Arizona State University’s School of Sustainability is the first comprehensive degree-granting program of its kind in the United States, with a focus on finding real-world solutions to environmental, economic, and social challenges.

Our degrees and programs are flexible, interdisciplinary, and problem-oriented. Our undergraduate programs in sustainability introduce students to the problems of sustainability.

Common learning outcomes

Graduates will be able to:

  • Think in a holistic way about sustainability problems.
  • Understand the concepts of sustainability, the issues involved, and the disciplines needed to address real-world problems.
  • Evaluate the role and effectiveness of a broad range of methods of inquiry and analysis.
  • Understand the concepts and methods of different academic disciplines and the way in which these can address sustainability challenges.
  • Work collaboratively and in multidisciplinary teams.
  • Understand ethical issues related to sustainability.
  • Develop sustainable institutions for water, land, air, and urban management at the local to global level.
  • Develop creative, adaptive solutions to sustainability challenges.

First comprehensive degree-granting program of its kind
in the country:

  • Study at the nation’s #1 school of sustainability
  • Cutting-edge sustainability research
  • #5 in the nation for producing the best-qualified graduates

If you are currently an ASU student and considering switching majors to Sustainability, you can schedule an appointment with our academic advisor.

Schedule an appointment below or email for more information.

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