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Welcome and Introduction

Dean’s Welcome

Welcome to Arizona State University and the nation’s first School of Sustainability where faculty, staff, and students are embarking upon one of the boldest, most comprehensive approaches to sustainability attempted at any university. We are engaged in a global-survival experiment, in a time when sustainable solutions must be envisioned and implemented.

The Dean’s Blog

Dean Chris Boone

Sustainability Frames our Research and Curriculum

Sustainability uses an integrated, interdisciplinary approach to understand interactions between people and the environment. This systems approach is also fundamental for designing effective solutions to sustainability challenges. Some of the challenges that guide the research and curriculum of the School of Sustainability are:

  • the need to envision the future we want and the necessary strategies to work towards that goal;
  • the challenges of rapid urbanization and a doubling of global urban population in the next 30 years;
  • the increased competition for water and other essential natural resources that are in relatively fixed supply;
  • the ability to mitigate or adapt to harmful global environmental change, including climate change;
  • the need for renewable energy, “smart” materials, and effective knowledge systems;
  • the need to understand the human dimensions that influence sustainable programs and practices;
  • the need for policy and governance that supports sustainable programs and behaviors;
  • the need to conserve biodiversity and habitats; and
  • the challenge of providing for global growth and equity in standards of living without irreparably damaging the Earth’s natural systems.
Students in lab coats viewing a computer screen.

ASU is Leading the Way in Sustainability

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important area of research and education within the academic community as a reflection of trends in society, industry, and government. The School of Sustainability will continue to lead in the development and delivery of new interdisciplinary models of education to create the next generation of sustainability experts.

The Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability is already successfully engaged in collaborative relationships with colleges and programs across the University and with institutions and corporations worldwide – with the aim of creating a a talented and skillful community to address complex environmental and social challenges. The Institute and School together lead and facilitate ASU’s commitment to university-wide sustainability.We will continue to work closely with the broader ASU community and other partners to create a comprehensive transdisciplinary approach to knowledge generation, cutting-edge research, and innovative solutions for sustainability. I welcome your contributions to our goal of discovering and creating solutions for a sustainable future.

ASU mascot Sparky standing by rooftop solar panel.