Residential Community

The School of Sustainability Residential Community for Freshmen

The mission of the School of Sustainability Residential Community (SOSRC) is to provide a welcoming and supportive environment for freshmen as they transition into university life, as well as to help in the development of the skills needed for academic and personal success.

All freshmen admitted to ASU as majors in the School of Sustainability are strongly encouraged to join our Residential Community.

Why Join?

The goal of the Community is to help you build a support system of friends, faculty, and instructional staff to help you succeed in and out of the classroom. By joining the SOSRC, students have an opportunity to:

  • get involved in the University’s academic and social life right away
  • feel a sense of belonging on campus
  • get to know fellow students in SOS
  • study and socialize with classmates where you live
  • get to know and interact informally with faculty on a regular basis
  • get to know and interact with the instructional staff
  • learn about campus resources and services that will help you succeed; and
  • participate in special academic and extracurricular activities such as:
    • coffee with the School Director
    • field trips (experiential learning activities)
    • campus sustainability projects
    • community gardens

How to Apply to Live in SOSRC

  1. Once admitted to ASU, log into MyASU and under University Housing preferences – select the School of Sustainability Residential Community as your first choice.
  2. Make appropriate deposits or payments by deadlines to University Housing to reserve your space.

More Information

The SOSRC offers private and double floor plans. For general questions about living arrangements, please visit University Housing and view a list of frequently asked questions.

If you have specific questions about programming related to this residential community, please contact:

School of Sustainability

Phone: 480-727-6963

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Established in 2006, the School of Sustainability’s mission is to educate a new generation of scholars and practitioners and create innovative modes of scholarship by bringing together leaders, stakeholders, and people from multiple disciplines to develop practical solutions to the most pressing sustainability challenges.


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