Rider Foley

  • Ph.D. 2013, School of Sustainability
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, Center for Nanotechnology in Society
  • Faculty Associate, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College

School of Sustainability
Arizona State University
PO Box 875502
Tempe, AZ 85287-5502
Email: riderfoley@gmail.com


Rider is a postdoctoral researcher with the Center for Nanotechnology in Society where his current research includes governance and decision-making within technological innovation. He has an environmental science undergraduate degree from the University of New Hampshire, an environmental management master's from Harvard University and spent nine years working for an environmental consulting company before moving to Phoenix to continue his educational pursuits. His work experience includes consulting, planning, training, emergency response, and general management. He is a Faculty Associate teaching Sustainability Science for Teachers for the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College in the fall and spring semesters and teaching Sustainable World for the School of Sustainability during the summers. His goals are to learn, teach, and grow from both.


sustainability science (problem-oriented and solutions focused); applied ethics (practitioner responsibility, tacit beliefs, and collectives); governance (adaptive management, risk and anticipatory governance); capacity building (knowledge transfer, translation, and usable knowledge); participatory research (community engagement and coproduction of knowledge); transdisciplinary collaboration (natural-social sciences and quantitative-qualitative methods)

Honors and Awards

  • Universityof New Hampshire, cum laude, 2001
  • Harvard University, magna cum laude, 2008
  • IEEE-ISST Conference, 2nd Place in Student Paper Competition, 2012


    Ph.D., Sustainability, Arizona State University, 2013

    M.L.A., Environmental Management, Harvard University, 2008

    B.S., Environmental Affairs, University of New Hampshire, 2001

Journal Articles

In Press

Wender, B., R. W. Foley, T. P. Seager, D. H. Guston and A. D. Wiek. In Press. Anticipatory governance and anticipatory life-cycle assessment of single wall carbon nanotube anode lithium ion batteries. Journal of Nanotechnology Law and Business


Foley, R. W., I. Bennett and J. M. Wetmore. 2012. Practitioners' views on responsbility: Applying nanoethics. Nanoethics DOI: 10.1007/s11569-012-0154-2.

Wiek, A. D., R. W. Foley and D. H. Guston. 2012. Nanotechnology for sustainability—what are the opportunities and what are the limitations?. Journal of Nanoparticle Research 14:1093-1112.



Foley, R. W., C. Kuzdas, B. P. Warner, L. Withycombe Keeler, D. Iwaniec and A. D. Wiek. 2012. Designing sustainable governance: Cross-domain comparison and evaluation. Poster presented at the 19-22 February 2012 3rd Annual International Conference on Sustainability Science, Tempe, AZ.


Foley, R. W. and A. D. Wiek. 2011. Reconciling urban sustainability syndromes and urban nanoscape. Poster presented at the 7-10 November 2011 3rd Annual Conference for the Society for the Studies of Nanoscience and Emerging Technologies (S.NET), Tempe, AZ.

Sanjay, A., R. W. Foley, P. Shapiro and A. D. Wiek. 2011. Nanotechnology in building construction. Poster presented at the 7-10 November 2011 3rd Annual Conference for the Society for the Studies of Nanoscience and Emerging Technologies (S.NET), Tempe, AZ.



Bernstein, M. J., R. W. Foley and I. Bennett. 2014. Guidelines for solutions to socio-technical problems. Presentation at the STGlobal Consortium, 4-5 April 2014, Washington, D.C.


Foley, R. W., M. J. Bernstein and Y. Kim. 2013. Ground control: linking top-down and bottom-up approaches for international nanotechnology governance. Presentation at the First Annual Conference on Governance of Emerging Technologies: Law, Policy and Ethics, 20-21 May 2013, Chandler, Arizona.


Foley, R. W., B. Kay, R. Rushforth and A. D. Wiek. 2012. Can nanotechnology decontaminate water in a morally contested context?. Presentation at the 16-18 May 2012 International Symposium on Sustainable Systems and Technology, Boston, MA.

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